7 Things You'll Hate About the iPhone 6
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7 Things You’ll Hate About the iPhone 6



Durability, or, Lack Thereof

Durability, or, Lack Thereof

We'd be fine with the slippery design if the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were protected by impenetrable materials. But they aren't.

The all-aluminum design is succeptible to dings and cuts and scratches. We used the iPhone 6 without a case for several months. We dropped it a few times from pocket-level and the device immediately became dinged up and scratched. 

The iPhone 6 also started to show general wear and tear much quicker than other flagship smartphones. It's a trade-off. You get a premium metal design but you're essentially forced into covering up that premium metal design with a case. Fortunately, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus wear cases well. 

Cases cost extra money and for many people (myself included), they're not ideal. We want to be able to show off the iPhone 6's design but we can't because using the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus without a case is a disaster waiting to happen. 



  1. Adam Bradley

    07/24/2015 at 11:46 am

    I agree with a lot of points made here, especially the slippery design and potential for scratches. Having said that, I always use a case which resolves these and keeps the iPhone nice and tidy for when I come to sell it. Currently using an Imela Duet leather case http://www.imela.co.uk which does a really good job of protecting the phone and looks great too…it just seems “right” somehow. Thanks for the article, an interesting read!

  2. Joie Anderson Interior Design

    08/17/2015 at 2:55 pm

    I hate the fact that even with the sound turned all the way up, you can’t hear the person calling you without using earphones (uncomfortable) or putting the phone on speaker ~ don’t want to whole world to know what you are talking about ~ but the thing I hate the most about it is that two of my apps that I PAID FOR on my iphone 4 did not transfer to the 6. It is the most disappointing thing I have ever bought.

  3. Rochelle

    10/19/2015 at 2:12 pm

    I really really hate the front facing camera. I think it takes horrible selfies.
    I tried all other phone and iphone 6 is the worst. So outdated

  4. Ken

    10/23/2015 at 8:15 pm

    700 dollar phone that is a nuisance to use. Supposedly sleak and attractive but you’d never know since you have to put it in 100 dollar lifeeproof eyesore. Next phone will be a militaryspec droid….easier to use half the price and I won’t have to buy extras to keep it “safe”.

  5. Marguerite

    11/27/2015 at 9:25 pm

    I hate my iPhone 6plus I’ve never had to work so hard at using a phone in my life ….
    texts…the screen is stubborn IOW it’s not as easy to type and correct as my old Glaxy
    Like right now i wanted to add this line and I had to tap the word galaxy like 7 times before it understood I didn’t want to anything todo with the words Galaxy. I just wanted the cursor on the end of it so I could start another line and write ….It’s so damn difficult ! To just do what I used to do with freedom and ease on my old Galaxy S4 (that someone stole)….so i thought I’d try the famous iPhone .
    I now judge all who use it or designed it ….cuz it’s so not a great phone.
    I don’t get why people like them…
    I do like the back up feature….
    They say that if this phone gets stolen everything will be backed up not just pictures ….texts apps …everything
    I hope that’s true…
    It doesn’t have a vibrate feature….
    It notifies me of messages or calls but it I open and swipe the screen they disappear …I have to go looking to see
    I sometimes doesn’t ring beep or notify me of texts or emails at all …. I ask people I’ve been sitting with for a reality check -did U hear my phone beep or ring ?thru always say no
    So i miss reminders And important texts/emails and calls
    Getting ninths internet is so dam difficult
    Always a message
    Data turned off….
    And then there are the time that the phone turned the data off on my uber app and my what’s-app app…..
    And it’s the only phone I’ve ever had to reboot many time
    And I’ve had it since August it’s November/December
    What the heck
    If I could get my old phone back I would in a second it was a dream to use compared to this phone
    The other thing that sux is the latest Galaxy has improved to be like iPhone so now it’s not as good as the 4 or 4s
    So wake up phone designers
    Your work is not better
    It’s worse
    It’s harder to use
    Don’t fix it if it’s not broken and working well….

  6. Scott

    03/06/2016 at 7:06 am

    The #1 thing that I despise about these phone is aluminum design. I get that it is supposed to make it look sleek and everything, however I find that this phone falls of my lap more often or will slide of any surface with ease. Other phones such as the Galaxy or G4 don’t have this issue as the outside isn’t made out of metal (or at least the backing).

    The #2 thing that I absolutly hate about this phone is that the charging port wore out after a year of use. I plug it in every night before bed and now I am having to wiggle or angle the cable in the charging port for it to make a connection. This isn’t an issue with a bad cord. I have tried using several others to the same effect.

    I am pretty sure this is the last time I buy an iPhone.

  7. Jack Bell

    05/23/2016 at 4:28 am

    I agree with Marguerite, never had to work so hard with a phone as the iPhone 6. For $1,100 (in Tanzania) it should be the easiest to use phone ever, and not so frustrating. I’ve had if for about five months now and still can’t get a song from my laptop copied to it. Nor, a photo.

  8. huntnewbusiness

    08/16/2016 at 7:32 am

    I hate my iPhone 6 with a passion. I know the trend seems to be with larger phones (which I really don’t understand) but this is the largest phone I’ve ever had.

    I find it to be an ergonomic disaster zone. I don’t need to tell you about the slippery brushed aluminium back that makes holding the phone like fishing with your bare hands. I also resent having to buy a cover to make the thing stand up to the most basic wear and tear. I’ve had my phone for 6 months and it looks a mess.

    Also the thin, curved sides makes picking the thing up from a flat surface more difficult than it should be and as a result I have to contort my hand into some sort of bird of prey talon to pick the wretched thing up.

    I’ve got large hands but struggle to access all parts of the screen with one hand which for me is a major fail in a phone. I want to be able to check train times or directions while I walk with a bag (or a child) in my other hand. Don’t get me started on the lens bulge on the front.

    Goodness only knows why anyone would want the super-sized version of this as a standard phone.

    I think that Apple have lost their way and are just releasing products to keep abreast of their competitors rather than creating and perfecting products that really improve on what’s already out there.

  9. Isi Mak

    03/16/2017 at 4:50 pm

    The iPhone keyboard has never been improves and its Android rivals make it easier to write. If you call support they’ll suggest activating predictive texting but even then….and the dictaphone mic mutton is way too close to the space bar. Another classic issue the typing ‘n’ when wanting to tap SPACE. It’s a nightmare and finally this chic little design icon becomes a stress accumulating enemy of the people.
    I also have to say that since Apple lost Jobs the ergonomic nature of Apple products have turned into a money spin. i never use iTunes any more to play music as I prefer not to clog up the very stingey offering (in the UK especially) of a 16Gb hard drive with data. Also Apple Music now is another money spin which is nowhere near as user friendly as Spotify or Deezer. Try playing your old playlist or trying to manage music- almost impossible when connecting your Mac to your iPhone.

    Main thing is communication and in this Apple fails miserably. Say what you like but when and if you ever travel to Asia everyone is still on Android devices and happy as peaches – ok they’re slower but chat and the keyboard WORKS.

    I’m not a Google fan because they are Skynet and will take down the earth one day but hell Apple!!! Get you act together and stop thinking about your shareholders for 5 minutes! Jobs was all about the user. Now it’s all about profit margins and RND seems to have been left behind.

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