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8 Best Official iPhone Xs Accessories



iPhone Xs Silicone Case

iPhone Xs Silicone Case

The iPhone Xs Silicone case is the go to case option for many iPhone buyers. Launching in a limited array of colors this is a $39 official iPhone Xs case and it is one of the top options if you need a case on day one. It's not the only option though and you can find thinner and cheaper iPhone Xs cases out there. 

If you opt for an official Silicone iPhone Xs case from Apple you get the Apple logo on the back, without a cutout or any additional branding. You get a relatively thin case that protects from small drops and prevents scratches to the glass back. You can still wirelessly charge your iPhone Xs with the Silicone case attached. 

The surface is grippy, but it's not too sticky like some cheap cases can be. 

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