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9 Fun April Fools iPhone Pranks You Can Pull Off in Seconds



If you’re looking for a fun April fools iPhone pranks to play on April 1st there are nine incredibly easy iPhone pranks users can pull in a matter of seconds. You can use these April Fools iPhone pranks on iOS 9 and on iOS 8, so no matter which iPhone the user has, it’s almost certain that these will work.

April fools iPhone pranks are free and don’t do any harm to the iPhone, but it may result in sore sides from too much laughing. April fools pranks on the iPhone are easy to do and you don’t need to spend any cash to make it work.

The only catch to a successful iPhone prank is that you’ll need access to the iPhone without a passcode in the way. If you know the passcode you’re home free, but if not you’ll need to trick then into letting you use the phone. The easiest way to do this is to pretend you lost your iPhone and ask to use their phone to call yours. For the best access say you lost it in your car or another part of the office. You’ll be able to score a few minutes of access while you search.

Autocorrect April Fools iPhone Prank

The best known April fools iPhone prank is to autocorrect a common word to something completely different and somewhat inappropriate.

Anytime a user types the shortcut the iPhone will replace it with the new word or phrase. this can turn the average conversation into comedy gold.

Add a shortcut for a perfect April fools iPhone prank.

Add a shortcut for a perfect April fools iPhone prank.

Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Add New Shortcut -> Enter the phrase and the shortcut.

It’s best to keep one word the same if inserting a phrase. If you are replacing one word you can make a major change. Keep in mind they might text parents, bosses and others so make your choice wisely.

To undo the autocorrect iPhone prank go to the Shortcuts and slide right to left and a delete option will appear.

Contact Switch iPhone Prank

If you want to have a lot of fun, switch your phone number with another contact and switch the contact photo. Once this is done you can send text messages that appear to come from someone else.

Go to contacts and find the target and your contact entry and manually switch the information. Change to a spouse, parent or boss for maximum hilarity.

If the person subscribe to text alerts for news, weather or deals you can change your number to that contact and get really creative with the alerts.

Screenshot iPhone Prank

This is an old but great April fools iPhone prank. Take a screenshot of the iPhone home screen by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time. Then move all the apps to another screen except for the one in the top left and set the screenshot as the background by going to settings.

Make a home screen that doesn't work with this April fools iPhone prank.

Make a home screen that doesn’t work with this April fools iPhone prank.

Now the user will think the iPhone is not responding to taps on the home screen. For the best result put the apps you move into a folder and then move them as it will make the move and setting up the iPhone easier.

Prank Call iPhone Prank

This is a fun April fools iPhone prank that you can pull without getting ahold of your target’s iPhone. You can use a Spoof app to change your caller ID and play practical jokes complete with a voice changer and the ability to record the call.

Download Spoof Card for the iPhone, pick the number you want to make a call to and what caller ID you want to show up, then choose any background noise and voice changing and start the call. Three calls are free.

The victim should see the phone number you entered, but it may not show up as that contact so this works best if you pretend to call from a phone number the person would recognize. For a really crazy prank call from a deceased relative’s phone number and play back that old voicemail they left years ago.

Broken Screen iPhone Prank

For a fun April fools Phone prank that make the user think their screen is broken you can quickly use the accessibility options to invert the colors on the iPhone so that it looks like the display is broken.

Invert colors for a broken iPhone prank.

Invert colors for a broken iPhone prank.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors.

This will make the screen look purple, yellow and black, and should be enough to freak out most users. Of course if that isn’t enough you can also turn their lock screen to a cracked screen wallpaper that won’t pass a close inspection, but is enough for a scare.

Lock iPhone to an App

If you want to get really crazy with your April fools iPhone pranks you can lock their iPhone to a single app. This is Guided Access mode, which is designed to act as a Kiosk function or to keep a kid in one app.

To get started go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Guided Access -> On -> Set a Passcode.

Now open an app that they won’t want on all day long and triple tap the home button.

Now you can lock out parts of the screen, turn off touch and control home button actions. Without the passcode a user will need to restart the iPhone using the home button and the power button to regain access. This is one that is best done while you are close by to help after the initial humor wears off.

Super Long Text iPhone Prank

If you have a friend that cannot stand waiting for you to reply to a message, you need to send a fake reply that looks like you are typing forever. This is the cruelest April fools iPhone prank for users that need to know what you are saying faster than you can type it.

Send a text message that looks like it never ends.

Send a text message that looks like it never ends.

Download the image on this website to your iPhone. Text it to someone with an iPhone as a photo and send nothing else. It will keep moving forever and look like you are typing to them. For the right person this could drive them a little crazy.

Fake Your Location to Fool Friends

If you plan to go out on March 31st and have a good time, here’s a fun way to trick your friends into thinking you ended up far, far away. This only works if you use WhatsApp as your means of communication.

By default WhatsApp shares your current location, but if you zoom out from the map and then search for a location you should be able to set a new location.

You could zoom out and pretend to be in Vegas at a wedding chapel, lost in another country or just completely MIA from work the next day. The options are only as small as your imagination.

If you are jailbroke, you can use these tweaks to fake your location on iPhone.

Siri Name Prank

Use this Siri prank to trick your friends.

Use this Siri prank to trick your friends.

You can use Siri to change what the iPhone calls the owner. Most of the time Siri will call the owner by their first name.

With a few seconds alone you can activate Siri and say, “Call me Banana” or whatever you want the prank to be. Confirm with your voice or a tap that you want this to happen.

From then on when Siri needs to say a name, the assistant will use the one you set up instead of their real name.




  1. Ellie Johnson

    01/27/2015 at 10:53 am

    for the prank call, just use *67 it instantly erases your caller id and works with any phone

    • Nugget

      05/06/2016 at 4:35 pm

      Yea but you with an app you can change your voice too

  2. Morgan

    05/25/2015 at 8:31 pm

    Best prank has to be sending a ghost message. hands down best.

  3. Shirley

    04/09/2016 at 8:48 am

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  4. Jalals

    03/06/2017 at 1:25 am

    great list of prnaks, some can work on android too :)

  5. Marilla Malone

    03/31/2017 at 6:17 am

    You could get a craked screen sticker and put it on a friends phone and then they will think that it is broken.

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