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8 HTC One Features You’ll Actually Care About



After several weeks of rumors and anticipation, HTC finally announced its latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One (HTC M7), a phone that will replace the HTC One X and take on the likes of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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On stage, HTC showed off the HTC One, formerly known as the HTC M7, showcasing its many features, features that the company hopes will help it compete with the offerings from Apple and Samsung now and in the future.

The device represents the company’s first big launch of 2013 and it will likely hold the title of its flagship throughout most of 2013 as it marries new high-powered software from HTC with fantastic current-generation hardware.

HTC is hoping that the phone will not only appeal to Android users but also to average users who are looking to pick up a new smartphone sometime in the next year.

The company’s new device is certainly an enticing one and it’s one that will likely be on the shopping lists of consumers now as the device is slated to arrive on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile at some point in the non-too-distant future. None of them have confirmed a release date for the HTC One, but currently, March 22nd is a rumored release date for all three carriers.

8 HTC One Features You’ll Actually Care About

For those interested in this smartphone, the following is a list that details what we believe to be the eight best features found on HTC’s new HTC One smartphone. Some of these features are likely going to be unique to the HTC One and won’t be found on other rival smartphones like the iPhone and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

1080p Display

One of the biggest non-surprises of the HTC One launch was the fact that HTC included a 1080p display with 468 pixels-per-inch on board the HTC One. 1080p resolutions are going to be a trend for Android phones this year and the HTC One is the latest to join the fray.


The HTC One’s 1080p display is beautiful.

What this means for users is that it will deliver rich, beautiful looking content whether its on the web or if it’s watching a movie on an airplane flight across the continent.

For those that consume a ton of content on their device, a 1080p display is an exciting and useful feature on the HTC One.

Ultrapixel Camera

Last year’s HTC One X had one of the best cameras of any Android phone with its 8MP camera. Now, HTC has ditched a standard megapixel camera for something it is calling Ultrapixel.

The HTC One possesses an HTC UltraPixel Camera that uses a 4-megapixel BSI sensor with a f/2.0 lens. HTC says the HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera lets in 300 percent more light than the average smartphone, for better low light performance.


HTC One camera versus the iPhone 5.

We’ve seen some samples, from HTC, that look gorgeous. Users who cherish having a fantastic smartphone on their camera will certainly appreciate what HTC has done with the HTC One’s.

HTC BlinkFeed

In addition to Android, HTC has delivered its own user interface dubbed HTC Sense 5.0 that brings a host of new features to go along with a new look, much different than past versions of Sense.

The most significant addition to Sense is a feature called BlinkFeed which is an additional home screen panel that will come with the HTC One right out of the box.


BlinkFeed is a big part of HTC Sense 5.0.

BlinkFeed is essentially a Flipboard-like interface, with tiles, that will reside on the HTC One’s home screen delivering content from a wealth of personalized sources including Twitter, Flickr, and more. It’s customizable and it will serve as a main hub for those looking to keep up with pertinent information not only from friends on social networks but with content from publications.

HTC Boomsound

HTC has fastened some front-facing speakers, which the company calls HTC Boomsound, to the HTC One’s design and while that might sound like a little addition, there is definitely some practical real-life use.

While iPhone owners often have to cup the iPhone’s speaker in order to hear something in loud environment, the HTC One will deliver quality sound right to the users face. That means music will boom even in loud environments and speaker phone conversations will be much more direct.


HTC Boomsound will deliver high quality audio, even in noisy places.

It also means that owners will be able to get surround sound using their headphones, something that users who typically fly or commute will come to appreciate.

Wide-Angle Front-Facing Camera

Also included in the HTC One is wide-angle front-facing camera. While that not seem like much, those that need to include several people in a video chat will come to appreciate it.


The HTC One features a wide-angle front-facing camera that is capable of hosting several people at once.

Many phones often don’t offer a sweeping view with their front-facing camera, making it difficult to include multiple people on a video chat, whether it’s with co-workers on a Google+ Hangout or with friends or family on Skype.

With the HTC One’s camera, this won’t ever be a problem as it allows for multiple users to fit comfortably on-screen.

Solid Design

Once again, HTC has delivered an extremely solid, sleek design. The HTC One features a full metal form factor, similar to that of the HTC One X design, that not only makes it easy to grip with one hand but also makes sure that it won’t look outdated once new phones start to arrive.


The HTC One design is comprised of metal, much like its predecessor, the HTC One X.

It should also mean that the HTC One is extremely durable, music to the ears of those who constantly drop their phone.

Built-in IR Sensor

The HTC One comes with a built-in IR sensor that will allow users to control their television simply by using HTC Sense TV and the HTC One itself. The HTC One will, because of the sensor, act as the remote control which will allow users to ditch the typical remote controller and simply use the phone to switch stations.


Using Sense TV, HTC One owners can control their television sets.

HTC says that the setup is extremely easy to do which means that users should be able to user their smartphone like a remote in no time at all.

Voice Quality

HTC, in an attempt to make phone calls as pleasant as possible on the HTC One, has included something called Sense Voice which is essentially two built-in dual microphones that will detect outside noise and bump up the volume of the in-call voice accordingly.


The HTC One features high quality voice quality due to dual microphones that drown out background noise.

This should mean better quality, better sounding phone calls, something that is important to those that work in noisy environments or need to get a hold of someone at a loud sporting event.



  1. Noel

    02/20/2013 at 7:07 am

    Yup i love HTC, i love this device form factor and i want one. Now i will just have to figure out how to juggle my N4 and the M7, i mean HTC One : ). Then in a few months i might have to bring the Moto X in the mix. Tough year for phone geeks on deciding which device or devices to procure…so many top notch devices in 2013.

  2. м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

    03/30/2013 at 11:21 pm

    why does the author say that its predecessor, the OneX, was also “comprised of metal”? and this is not the first article where I read that, I’ve checked other articles from this site where they claim such a thing.. oh well, now that I read info about the author I see he’s an apple user (I don’t know who wrote the other articles)


    07/24/2018 at 12:51 pm

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