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8 iPhone Privacy Settings You Need to Change



Privacy is a big concern for a lot of iPhone users. Here are eight iPhone privacy settings you need to change right now.

If you asked someone if they wanted to be tracked and have their activity monitored at all times, they will probably give you a stern “no,” yet these users are probably being tracked and monitored anyway, not necessarily without their consent, but they most likely haven’t gone into their iPhone privacy settings to change things around.

By default, many privacy settings are activated and users must opt-out in order to disable these settings.

There are a handful of “features” on the iPhone like geo-located photos (where your location is attached to photos that you snap with your iPhone), and even ad tracking, which just sounds really intrusive. Of course, Apple respects your privacy, but the same can’t be said with all sorts of apps that you install.

Even though it sounds like Apple has your best interest in mind, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why there are a handful of iPhone privacy settings that you should look over and change so that your privacy is safe.

Here are eight iPhone privacy settings that you should consider changing right now.

Diagnostics & Usage Data

Diagnostics & Usage Data

In order for Apple to improve its products, it likes to collect usage data from iPhones so that it knows what features users use the most and even which features users use the least.

However, those with tinfoil hats may not want Apple collecting all of this information from your iPhone, which is why it might be a good idea to turn off this setting, even if Apple says that this information is sent "anonymously."

To disable sending diagnostics & usage data to Apple, open up the Settings app and navigate to General > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage. Then tap on Don’t Send.



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