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8 Last Minute Tax Software Tools, Tips And Apps for iPhone and Android



It’s Tax Time. If you haven’t filed your 2010 taxes yet you have until April 18th this year, which means an extra 3 days to find all those deductions and fill out form after form. Luckily, there are a collection of tools, apps and services that will make last minute taxes a breeze for most filers.

Eight Last Minute Tax Tools, Tips And Apps

Turbotax SnapTax – Free App – $19.99 to File

If you have a straightforward tax situation, which many of you will, you can download the TurboTax Snaptax app for Android and iPhone to file your taxes in a snap. Simply answer a few questions and then take a picture of your w-2 and the app will fill out the state and federal tax forms for you. You can then file right from your phone. The app includes a free e-file with the 19.99 purchase price and is a perfect app for tax procrastinators.

Deduct Your Gadgets – Even if You Aren’t Self Employed

If you are trying to figure out if you can deduct your iPad, Smartphone, computer or data plans on your taxes, check out our interview with Bob Meighan, CPA & VP of TurboTax who helps you figure out which gadgets you can deduct on your taxes. Even if you aren’t self employed you may be able to deduct gadgets and services on your taxes so long as you meet a few easy to determine criteria.

Figure Out Which Tax Software you Need

Over at Notebooks, we have a comparison of various tax software tools that will help you figure out how much you owe the government, or if you are luck, how much the government owes you. If you need help figuring out which version of the various software suits you need, check out the TurboTax Tax Caster tool. Not only will it help you figure out how much you can get back, but it will look at your situation and deliver a verdict as to which software version you should buy.

Tax Tips 2010

Tax Caster Helps You Pick the Right Tax Software

Get Answers to Tax Questions – Free App

The Tax Central App from H&R Block is another nice tool that will help you prepare your own taxes or get ready to have them done by a tax professional. The Tax Central App is free for the iPhone and Android that delivers answers to common tax questions, helps you gather all of the items you need to do your taxes and, if you need help, direct you to your local H&R Block for more help.

H & R Block Tax Central

H & R Block Tax Central Tax Tool

Harness Social Media to Find an Accountant

If doing your own taxes isn’t your deal, use Twitter or Facebook to ask your friends and followers who they recommend. Many times individual or local tax professionals can offer a better price then you’ll find at a shop like H & R Block, but finding the right accountant can be tricky. Look for real responses from real friends and followers, rather than spam responses that are sure to come in on Twitter.

Get a Free 6 Month Extension on Tax Filing

How to get an Automatic Tax Extension

If you need more time to prepare your taxes, you can get an automatic six month extension on filing your taxes by asking the IRS for one. To do so, you need to fill out the IRS Form 4868 and you’ll have an extra six months to file your taxes. But, be warned, you don’t get an extension on making any payments. You still need to pay your best estimate of taxes owed by April 18th.

NeatDesk Receipt Scanner and Organizer

If you have a box full of receipts and documents, you can use the NeatCo Neatdesk scanner and software to scan and organize your important paperwork quickly and easily. After you have everything scanned in for this year, you can export a file to work with popular tax software or to send to your accountant. You can then use the NeatDesk scanner to scan all of your documents throughout the year so that you are ready for next year. NeatDesk can be found online or,  if you are in a hurry, you can also find NeatDesk at retail outlets like Staples.

Search for Deductions – Paypal, Credit Card and Email Archives

If you need to find more deductions, like I did, you should go look back through your email receipts, dedicated business credit cards and Paypal account to look for deduction-worthy expenses. The best thing to do is to track all of this information throughout the year, but if you normally use one account to pay for software, technology and travel; it’s easier to find your deductions at the end of the year.



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