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8 Ways the iPhone 5 Beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 2



Apple just released the new iPhone 5 and already, the company has sold millions of devices around the world. However, it will face some stiff competition from Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

While the Galaxy Note 2 brings some exciting features to the smartphone table, the improvements that Apple made to the iPhone 5 makes it a better device than Samsung’s phablet in a number of different ways.

Read: 8 Ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Beats the iPhone 5.

By no means is the iPhone 5 a perfect device, but there there are areas where Apple’s smartphone is going to beat the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet. Those who are interested in picking up one of either device would be smart to take note of these differences before deciding which to buy.

Here are eight ways the iPhone 5 beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Build Quality

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is built using a whole lot of plastic, just like its Galaxy brethren. The build quality of the Galaxy Note 2 isn’t terrible, but plastic just can’t compete with the gorgeous industrial design of the iPhone 5.


The Galaxy Note is still plastic.

With the iPhone 5, Apple ditched the glass back for a beautiful anodized aluminum back that is punctuated by two glass inlays at the top and the bottom of the device. Around the sides of the iPhone 5 is a metal band that holds it all together.

iphone-5-review- 2

The iPhone 5 is comprised of aluminum, metal and glass.

All in all, the amazing build quality of the iPhone 5 is one of its core strengths and an area where it shines over the Galaxy Note 2.


The Galaxy Note 2 has a massive display which requires an absolutely massive footprint. In fact, the Galaxy Note 2’s display is 5.5-inches, up from the 5.3-inch display of the Galaxy Note. And while it’s thinner than its predecessor, it’s also a little bit heavier. The Galaxy Note 2 weighs about 180 grams which is fairly heavy for a smartphone.

And while the iPhone 5 received a bump in screen size to 4-inches, it didn’t get any wider, it only got taller. In addition, it also weighs a mere 112 grams. That being said, we feel like the the iPhone 5 is much more pocketable than the Galaxy Note 2, something that many people look for in a smartphone.

Easier to Hold

Again, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a monster. Below, you can see an image that depicts just how much larger the Galaxy Note 2 is than the iPhone 5.


The Galaxy Note 2 is a large device compared to the iPhone 5. Very large.

Besides being less pockatable, the shear size of the Galaxy Note 2 makes it difficult to hold. That was something that gave us pause with the original Galaxy Note as well as the LG Intuition because holding the devices with one hand was difficult.

Personally, I have huge hands and it’s still hard to feel comfortable clasping onto phablet devices like the Galaxy Note 2. Those with little hands will have a much easier time grasping the iPhone 5 with one hand to make a phone call or shoot a friend a text.


The Samsung Galaxy Note camera was good, but not the best, and unfortunately, Samsung decided not to upgrade the camera with the Galaxy Note 2. It will employ a similar camera as the original phablet which means it will shoot good but not amazing photos.

The iPhone consistently has the best camera in the game and thus far, it’s looking like the improved iPhone 5 camera (despite claims of a purple haze) is still the camera to beat.


A photo taken with the iPhone 5.

In its side-by-side comparison, PhoneArena points out that while the Galaxy Note 2’s camera is good, it can’t match the iPhone 5 when photos are taken in the sunlight. The Galaxy Note 2’s photos are a bit more washed out. There is also more contrast found in the shots taken with the iPhone 5’s camera.

The same goes for video.


A Galaxy Note 2 sample image.

iOS 6 also brings the iPhone 5’s software up to speed with Android with Panorama mode and we also still have HDR lighting available, something that I use extensively to take fantastic photos.

In addition, pulling up the iPhone 5’s camera is still faster than trying to pull it up on an Android device, even one running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This ensures that you won’t miss important shots.


Those looking to avoid breaking the bank with a new smartphone purchase are likely going to want to look more closely at the iPhone 5. That’s because the starting price of the Galaxy Note 2 is likely going to be $299.99 on-contract. That’s what Sprint will be selling it for and that’s what U.S. Cellular will be selling it for.

That price, at least at U.S. Cellular, is for the 16GB model which means that the Galaxy Note 2 with more storage will cost more, presumably $399.99 for a 32GB model and $499.99 for a 64GB model.

For many people, that’s an extremely expensive premium for a smartphone.

As for the iPhone 5, it starts at 16GB for $199.99 on-contract and moves up to $399.99 for a 64GB model, much cheaper than the Galaxy Note 2.


While the Google Play Store has closed the gap in terms of the number of applications it offers, developers still are opting to release their software first on Apple’s App Store and next on Google’s Google Play Store. For example, SEGA just released the popular game Crazy Taxi for the iPhone 5 and it’s no where to be found for Android. In fact, there isn’t even a release date.

This is not just limited to Crazy Taxi either, this is a more than regular occurrence. Compounding the problem is that when apps are finally released for Android, there is often a lack of compatibility.

While we expect the Galaxy Note 2 to support most apps at launch there is no telling which apps will and will not support it down the line, something that potential buyers should be weary of.

Software Updates

Speaking of software, another key area where Apple’s iPhone 5 will beat the Galaxy Note 2 is update speed. With Apple, you get a few iOS updates a year culminating with one big release that is often available for aging devices. For instance, iOS 6 is available for the iPhone 3GS even though its over three years old.

With the Galaxy Note 2, there is no telling how long it will take for its first bug update, its first major Android update, or how many major Android updates it will get after its launch.

The AT&T Galaxy Note took quite a long time to receive Ice Cream Sandwich and it’s still waiting on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a piece of software that was released in July. In fact, it may not get that update until next year. And then, once it does, there is no telling if it will get any further updates.

This is an area where the iPhone 5 soundly beats the Galaxy Note 2.

Accessory Ecosystem

Apple dominates the accessory ecosystem. From cases, to docks, the iPhone 5 will never be in short supply of quality accessories.


The iPhone dominates the accessories landscape.

And while the Galaxy Note 2 will likely have its fair share because of its popularity, there won’t be as much of a variety which means choices will be limited for those looking to purchase add-ons for their smartphone.

Stay tuned to see areas where the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 beats the iPhone 5.



  1. Jason

    10/16/2012 at 2:32 pm

    Horrible review. Wouldn’t size and pocket ability be the same? Price, forgot to mention the Note is expandable memory, something Apple still lacks. Apps: yes apple has more, and you pay more, period. Accessories, like all the plugs you now have to buy to make your 5 work in your car, home player, etc? Nice Apple. iPhone 5 does NOT, per many comparisons, have the camera to beat, and you cannot even compare them yet since the Note 2 US hasn’t been released.
    Way to have a unbiased review with all the info Isheep lover. I say this while typing on a IPad (3) , and having used the 4&4s. Tired of people getting paid to write reviews & comparisons that don’t take the time to get all the info.

    • Jason

      10/16/2012 at 2:36 pm

      Sorry I meant pocket ability and ease to hold, not size. My apologies.

      • TexasGirl

        06/01/2013 at 7:15 pm

        I think it’s funny how EVERY SINGLE DEVICE on the planet pails in comparison to any variant of an iPhone. Please STOP…As I write this from my ipone5.
        It’s ridiculous! iPhone is entry level at best. The Only & I repeat ONLY thing favorable about iPhone is the fan base. Apple has LOST the smartphone war and I think it’s high time you all admit it. Good grief man, seriously!
        Have you actually seen what G Note 2 does? Have you?
        Apple cannot now or will ever be a competent comparison to this device. People want techs. People want choice. People want the freedom to USE THE DEVICE THEY OWN the way they see fit. They want features, function, cool shit that NO iPhone has had or will have. STOP blowing fruity smoke up every bodies ass and admit that iPhone is washed up, ran over, squashed and old freaking news!
        Android IS stellar…and the G Note 2 is proof in a monster way!
        I am selling my iphone5 next week for the Galaxy Note 2 and won’t ever look back…
        I might look back and wave at all the poor apple fans eating my Andriod Dust
        Get over yourself…and iPhone!

    • PaulBelly

      10/16/2012 at 9:53 pm

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    • Rick E. Schwartz

      10/19/2012 at 7:18 am

      I agree this review is very biased. Here is a much better comparison how the iPhone 5 stacks up against the best Android phones:

      • Steve

        11/12/2012 at 8:08 am

        Read the review at link you provided. It’s not a great review because it takes the best features of a bunch of android phones and compares it to one iPhone.

        • Dave

          11/12/2012 at 8:49 am

          Thats the point that you apple dillweeds don’t get. With android you can pick the phone that best suits your needs. It doesn’t have to be better in every regard, it can still be better for each person because it has better features that you will actually use. More than 10 android phones come out in a year while only 1 iphone does, which is clearly why the android platform has evolved leaps and bounds over the iphone in much less time (besides it being open sourced).

          Also from the other review, all of the following are standard in the note 2 and not the iphone:
          Digital Payments (NFC)
          True HD Screen
          Touch to Share
          International LTE
          Wireless charging
          Face unlock
          Replaceable battery

          Things that are better on iphone:

          • John Campbell

            11/14/2012 at 2:42 pm

            bigger! replaceable battery
            Snes9x and other emulators with better games for free then most paid app games and tons more of off the play network apps like:
            Excel for free
            Office for free
            Photo cropping ( you will use this a lot trust me)
            No itunes to update, organize, deal with. hack around
            Drag and drop copying, no reformatting.
            quick notes

            oh and lets not forget google maps, Flash, true internet, and general winning.

            I had an iphone from 1-3gs, the baby steps that apple has taken since with its tweaks and its tiny little fisherprice screen/ui is only being adopted by people who cant computer. Luckily for them it is the vast majority of people.

            I will credit apple with their hardware being durable and well balanced around their sandbox ui. Their software though leaves much to be desired and its need to be log jamming your pc or forcing you to superhuman jailbreaking methods/restrictions is simply below me.

            Using apple is very much like being friends with the one guy no one likes. You can’t be friends with anyone but apple, and often you wish you weren’t.

          • Noel Mwendamberi

            12/15/2012 at 5:18 am

            Dave tell me how do u do the wireless charging thing i have a note 2 and i love it,

          • sad panda

            12/15/2012 at 8:24 am

            Well if you are like me and went with Verizon you Cannot Wireless charge or block calls or change led light (unless you get app) and the muttitasking ability is gimped. several apps are removed from the stock list like maps. BigRed tried to cripple GN2 and delayed the release to well past Cyber Monday. All in the attempt to pawn OFF the HTC DNA! But even with all they did my note two rocks. I bought mine out right and as soon as My Contract is up Verizon will have one less Customer. That is ONE thing Apple has ON any other cell company , at least they never let Verizon mess with their Software. I loathe Big Red.

          • Poppy Seaberry

            12/17/2012 at 3:02 pm

            It may be true that all of those things are available in the Android ecosystem, but it is not an honest comparison if you imply that *all* of those options are available to you if you switch platforms. Platform is one consideration when choosing, hardware is another, and conflating the two is dishonest. It’s really a device-by-device comparison, not a platform comparison, as, regardless of what the platform itself has to offer, you only get it if your device is offering that aspect of the platform’s potential. With the iPhone that is a non-issue as hardware and software are from the same single source. On Android the variety of hardware running different iterations of the software is a big issue and that should be included in every review as a pro AND a con, because it is both.

            And as you said regarding Android devices, “It doesn’t have to be better in every regard, it can still be better for each person because it has better features that you will actually use.” For a long time, even knowing about the openness and customizability of Android, even wishing for widgets, that was precisely my reason for sticking with Apple. My day-to-day experience was smoother and less prone to bugs and trouble than was my Android experience (I was on Android all the way from the G1 up to Froyo, so I’m an informed consumer of both platforms). I just bought a Note 2 in lieu of an iPhone 5, so obviously I’m not an extreme loyalist. I compared the features of the Note 2 to the iPhone 5 and determined that for what I want my phone to do for me right now, the Note 2 was the more desirable option. But if my needs were different the iPhone 5 could easily have been the winner; I am giving up quite a few things I’ve grown accustomed to having on iOS.

    • Han

      11/11/2012 at 10:14 pm

      strong~~~~~ly agree…………………….lol

      I guess that Adam got a free iphone5 from apple…

      • harbajan

        11/18/2012 at 10:47 pm


      • ira

        12/28/2012 at 12:48 pm

        I expected a kick ass arguments and i receive a kiss ass review. This dude forgot to tell us that apple pay more for positive reviews than samsung did. Good choice friend. Adam my dear, maybe you consider to change your job and post some reviews about corn and wheat on National Agricultural Statistics Service. Good luck.

        • John

          05/06/2013 at 10:06 am

          Hahahha you’re right

    • John Campbell

      11/14/2012 at 2:47 pm

      Note 2 = for power users
      Iphone 5 = for people who just got off a flip phone ie people with no experience.

      Note 2 is the perfect size to say, I think i don’t need my laptop today. Which makes it a few pounds lighter and a couple of cubic feet smaller than the iphone.

    • Noel Mwendamberi

      12/15/2012 at 5:14 am

      Good and fair response to the biased review, u cannot even compare iphone 5 to s3 quad core then why note 2

    • Osbee

      12/23/2012 at 12:58 pm

      Thank You jason..It looks to me that Apple junkies are in denial before Samsung soaring products…

    • Chadi

      05/06/2013 at 9:52 am

      You’re right and galaxy note 2 has features that apple didn’t even think about like
      Enhanced lock-screen
      S Beam
      Smart stay
      Direct call
      S Voice
      Best photo
      Social Tag
      Buddy photo share
      One-handed operations
      Quick glance
      Enhanced Pop-up Video
      Best face
      Page buddy
      S Pen settings and S Pen keeper
      Photo note
      Easy image clipper
      Sketch effect
      Color picker
      Pen switch
      Easy text clipper
      Idea sketch
      Sens S Note during a call
      Quick command
      Pen gestures and 2GB of RAM which is such amazing
      Thought that I had apple tablets and phones , I still want to sell my iPhone to buy a galaxy note 2 , iphone 5 is an overpriced taller iphone 4s absolutely useless if you have an iphone 4s after steve jobs’ death , apple is NOTHING.

  2. Jason

    10/16/2012 at 2:34 pm

    And isn’t build quality a little subjective? Since the Note uses a removable back so that people can replace their own battery and upgrade their memory.

  3. Josh

    10/16/2012 at 2:37 pm

    Dude, “pocketability” and “easy to hold” are definitely not the primary focus of the Galaxy Note 2. It is the amazing experience of a big-ass screen that unites a phone and a tablet. Apple should integrate a phone mode into their upcoming iPad mini… That would be awesome! But comparing the iPhone 5 to the Note 2 is really like Apple vs. Oranges…

    +1 with the camera, -1 with the price! Here in Europe the iPhone 5 is 299 EUR (16GB) on contract and the Note 2 is 99 EUR (16 GB)… I don’t know where you get your information man… And accessory ecosystem? Who gives a…? Less Apps? Maybe back in 2010…

    And finally, the software update!!! Ever wondered how your fast 3GS slowed down after iOS 4 update, your iPhone 4 slowed down after the iOS 5 update and your iPhone 4S slowed down after the latest update?! Apple is clearly slowing down the last generation devices, creating artificial obsolete hardware and forcing customers to upgrade… I had all iPhone generations and finally changed to Android…(it is mature now)


  4. Ryan

    10/16/2012 at 3:04 pm

    Wow….thanks for the laugh…whenever I see comparisons, if you want anyone to even take you serious, PLEASE do not use the words “will likely”…what does that even mean? This article is FAIL.

  5. tivo

    10/16/2012 at 4:13 pm

    Nice biased review! There is no comparison to the note 2.
    There is not enough room to post all the features of the note 2 compared to the boring non-customizable IP5. LMAO!!!

    The note 2 is the future of the cell phone world. People are much more mobile now and a transition from lap top and tablet is inevitable. The note 2 gives you everything you need whether you’re a gamer, video watcher or on the go-businessman. I mean the Note 2 is sick! You can even do a remote tele/video conferenced business presentation on this thing and anotate to people on the other end while they watch. Can the IP5 do that? I think not!

    Too funny!!!!!!

    • claire

      10/16/2012 at 4:52 pm

      you r so right!! go you! thats why i am getting the note 2

  6. Sean

    10/16/2012 at 4:22 pm

    What a horrible review. Even, little a little child probably know iphone 5 can match Note2.

  7. Sean

    10/16/2012 at 4:24 pm

    What a horrible review. Even, little a little child probably know iphone 5 can match Note2. Iphone 8 might do it.

  8. prp

    10/16/2012 at 4:25 pm

    Stupid comparison. How can you compare devices from 2 different segments. It is about choice. This is like comparing small car with a big car, and you conclude that big car is more spacious than the small one. lol

    • kay

      10/27/2012 at 7:04 am

      you’re absolutely right!!

    • Andoh Agyemang

      11/08/2012 at 6:10 pm

      big ugly cheap ford or I can just buy a small porshe,it smaller but great fast quality. I
      forgot when drop that plastic it will break. Drop a iphone see if it turn on. fill me, Apple apps are better ios 6 keep get better. who know that apps on the note . note{ to self if a phone that big…. get a {ipad} or note 10.1. not Like the cheap plastic of the old block. 299 with a camera i get on a flip phone.

  9. claire

    10/16/2012 at 4:50 pm

    yay right! i was going to get an i phone 5 and i am 13 but i am not beacuse the software gets slow the updates dont help very much the screen size on iphone 5 isnt that much bigger and there isnt really much of a differnece from 4s to the 5 and the iphone 5 can break easier because its made of glass and ect…..and the iphone 5s navigation and on the 4s is poor it confused me a lot of time and told me the wrong direction and led me in the wrong direction as well and the note 2 has better navigation – i have heard i read an article about that -{navagation and the s vioce is more helpful from an aritcle i read and the note 2 is made of plastic easier and the advantage to me is a bigger screen size and it can multitask and much more! go on the website for the galaxy note 2 and watch the viedo – just watch and see its cool! the note 2 is much smarter they knew what they were doing when they were making the note2!

  10. Damier

    10/16/2012 at 4:51 pm

    This article is trash and just so finite its not even funny. Clearly this is a iOS fan who is disappointed that their iPhone 5 isn’t is close to capable of what the note 2 can handle. *written with a soon to be trashed iPhone 4S*

  11. bob

    10/16/2012 at 5:04 pm

    Sorry Adam but that was a really bad review. I came on this website/review through google, so I don’t know you or this website. But look at the other comments. They all agree stupid review. You are talking about two different styles of phones that would fit the needs of different people. My wife and two sons have Iphones and they love them, but I would like to try the note because of the bigger screen. I know that the phone is bigger and I would have to deal with the size issue as to fitting it in a pocket and carrying it around but older people need bigger screens. Samsung has sold millions of these so obviously some people want that, just the way some are going to want their apple product.
    As for build quality didn’t you see the video where the two year old scratches the beautiful aluminum back? What about the chips in the side? Every phone will have drawbacks and little things that are not perfect but the user experience for the whole thing is what matters. Time will tell with sales numbers.

    • Jason

      10/16/2012 at 5:40 pm

      I have to agree with Bob here. 1 phone is not the best phone for everyone. You should of titled this 8 reasons YOU prefer the IP5, not that it was better. IOS is a solid and safe platform, and that is the core issue right now. They have everything on 1 phone, so they can’t push the envelope and try new things. The IPhone was a great device, but others have grown on that. Look at Samsung, the S3, the S3 mini, and the Note. 3 distinct phones appealing to 3 diff groups allowing “choice”. Please Apple, do 2 lines, a IPhone 5 and a IP5 X that pushes a larger format with a bolder statement. I am one that will go from my One X to the Note 2. And my wife’s Note fits great in slack pockets, just not jeans

  12. Jim

    10/16/2012 at 5:23 pm

    Well, there must have been some big bucks passing hands to write this review. I was sure I was going to see these reviews from other devices. Note 2we is set up to sell millions of these things. Wow, apple is getting scared. Its too late to cut the head off from this release. If I was apple I would be looking months down the road. There are so many other sweet devices about to launch in the US. Look,,,,, short and sweet… heard it here first, this is the down fall of apples run. This is going to be a game changer and apple is intrentched with consumers knowledge and now they are going to suffer cause they used it for too long and instead of making a device with many features they decided to roll the dice and go cheap.

  13. Jim

    10/16/2012 at 5:31 pm

    8 ways? We are talking about millions of dollars in sales, millions of more dollars in accessories and even more millions of dollars in down loads. All we can come upup with are these silly butt 8for ways? Not to mention its these 8are ways? Come on, apple needs to start coming up with some lies!!!! Cause the truth about this note 2 is that its a bomb that’s about to be dropped on the US! New world order!!!! This device is a beautiful thing and people are about to jump out their skins to get their hands on it!!!! ” good bye phone, hello to a new life!

  14. GOAT

    10/16/2012 at 5:41 pm

    Did Accessories just make it into a comparison debate? This is nothing but an attempt to make the Apple fan base feel as though they haven’t fallen behind in the smart phone market. I own the iPhone 4 and that is the last iPhone I will ever own. The other phones offer a lot more flexibility. You can’t customize IOS6 the way you can Android. The last thing I care about are accessories. I’m not a teenage girl who wants to run out and buy a pink phone case with glitter and a butterfly. Give me a basic leather case and a screen protector. Also, I don’t wear skinny jeans so the Note 2 will fit in my pants just fine. Please stop making excuses for the weak device known as the iPhone 5.

  15. Dave

    10/16/2012 at 5:49 pm

    this article is laughable at best, incredibly cozen at worst. hope apple is paying you well at least.

  16. Brasco

    10/16/2012 at 5:56 pm

    For the stupid reasons you listed, I would buy Oppo Finder anyday over iPhone. Thinner, Faster, Looks better, and cheaper. But I am buying Note 2 because of million different reasons (vs 8 you manufactured). Focus on use cases rather than your iKissAppleAss bs. Are you bored with your cannot-do-anything-useful iPhone5? Garbage article from garbage phone owner. Garbage in garbage out.

  17. TAUSMC

    10/16/2012 at 6:02 pm

    LMAO….. Said it just like an Apple Fan person. They have to nick pick over stuff most people don’t care about except the Camera. Android phones (mostly flagship phones) get the software updates. Most of the time in the US, the carriers get the update from the manufacture but fail to put it out to the public in a timely matter.

    Your talking about build quality? Samsung uses ABS plastic which a high quality plastic that cars and motorcycles use. They use plastic to keep the phone light. Also if the build quality is soooo awesome for the IPhone 5, then why were they coming out of the box scratched up? Why is the metal part of the IPhone 5 so easily scratched with a fingernail? Why is the paint on the metal flaking off? Your not going to hear those problems with the Galaxy Note 2.

    Pocket ability and hold ability are basically the same thing. The Galaxy Note 1 fit just fine in my pocket. The Galaxy Note 2 is skinnier with a 16:9 screen vs a 16:10 with the Galaxy Note 1. So it will fit in your pocket even easier unless your wearing very tight skinny jeans. You can see on YouTube many people saying it fits fine in their pockets and purses. Also you can see on the YouTube that people say the Galaxy Note 2 is easier to hold because of it’s size not harder. They can hold it better with their shoulder because it has more surface. There are also many people that are tall and have big hands are saying the Galaxy Note 2 is perfect size for them. That the small screens suck for them to try text and type. So I have no idea what you are talking about having a hard time holding the GN2 with big hands. I would think it would be harder to hold a much smaller phone just like it’s harder to hold the mini computer mouse. Your hand will start cramping after a while.

    Now about the Camera… Samsung did try to upgrade their Camera to a 12 megapixel Camera. But Sony couldn’t provide enough of the 12 megapixel cameras because they already signed a deal with LG and the windows phone. So they were in short supply. That’s why Samsung had to go back to the 8 megapixel camera. So get your facts strait and how about doing some research.

    I think it’s funny they are talking about price. All the time I hear the Apple ISheep people talking about the reason people get Android is because the IPhones are expensive and Android people can’t afford it. Android people are cheap and poor. That’s what I hear all the time. But now that an Android phone is more expensive instead of the same price as the IPhone, they want to say get the IPhone 5 because it is cheaper. So typical…lol

    Accessories of course Apple has more of them. When you come out with only one type of phone you can make specific accessories. Unfortunately Apple did choose to go with the standard micro USB. So all those people that had the 32 pin connector now has to buy all new ones and or get the expensive adapter for the new 9 pin connector. If Apple just went with the micro USB they wouldn’t have this problem.

    Such a terrible review. Do your research and homework. Stop trying to Nick pick on a phone that is way Serperior then the IPhone 5.

  18. David Nguyen

    10/16/2012 at 6:36 pm

    You can’t say that “improvements that Apple made to the iPhone 5 makes it a better device than Samsung’s phablet” when you haven’t listed the full features of each device. This article only picks out the advantages of the iPhone 5 and not the note 2’s. What does the note 2’s big screen have anything to do with one phone being better than the other? Whether or not the big screen is an advantage or disadvantage is subject to the consumer. The note 2 also fits in the pocket perfectly. You are wrong about the price difference. The galaxy note 2 GT-N7105 16GB costs $850 AUD outright inc. shipping while the IPhone 5 16gb is $800 AUD not inc. shipping. With that said there is not much difference in price not to mention you can increase the note 2’s capacity.

  19. Adam

    10/16/2012 at 8:48 pm

    I have never owned anything but an iPhone since their release. BUT, when that Note 2 comes out, I will be the first in line to get it.

    To tell people to buy an iPhone 5 because it looks “elegant and classy” as opposed to be more inovative and artistic is moronic. The galaxy note 2 is going to do things no other phone has done before. Apple did that once, and it got them the reputation it has today. Now it’s time to step down because a new sheriff has come to town.

  20. Rafael

    10/17/2012 at 6:25 am

    The one who did the post is on crack obviously. I mean his points are just subjective and amazinly stupids; all depends of what you want or need. Compare IOS updates with android is ridiculous, especially because the IOS is a prehistoric OS. IOS is nothing else than strangled icons. And the elegant and beautiful iPhone 5 materials are super bad when it comes to scratches, that aluminum is so malleable, get scratch and bent just looking on it.

  21. brandnew234

    10/17/2012 at 3:31 pm

    The build quality is undoubtedly better than the Note 2. It is very durable in terms of surviving drops, but it’s aluminum scratches easier than the Note 2, and the Note 2’s cover is replaceable.
    Pocket-ability and ease of one handed use are the same thing, essentially. But I do agree, it is an advantage over the Note 2.
    And because I don’t want to sound like a troll, yes the iPhone 5’s camera is better.
    App ecosystem, that’s debatable. It does have more games, but iOS doesn’t offer app launchers, contact centers, and Google Maps.
    Price, yes the base model is cheaper, but Samsung adds 50$ for doubling the memory, not 100$, so at 64GB the Note 2 is the same price as the iPhone 5.
    And accessory ecosystem. I have no quarrel with this, the iPhone 5 wins this hands down.

  22. Jim M.

    10/17/2012 at 11:08 pm

    So basically iphone5 has no “features” that can compete with note2?
    Of course one can claim ancient blackberry is better than note2 Due to the pocketability.
    Useless article, but again what can we expect from isheep

  23. Migy

    10/18/2012 at 3:00 am

    Terrible review.

  24. Bod Minder

    10/18/2012 at 10:39 am

    Buy the Galaxy Note if:
    you want the larger device
    you don’t care about having to use two hands to use it
    you want to be able to talk and surf today and not wait until next year
    you want use wireless charging
    you want to be able to replace the battery
    you like the Android O/S and the customizability it gives that is not present in the Apple iOS.

    Buy the iPhone 5 if:
    you want the fastest smartphone
    you want the best color quality display,
    you want to be able to use your phone with one hand
    you want best constructed smartphone,
    you want the best microphone,
    you want the best speakers
    you want the best front camera
    you want the best quality apps
    you want secure apps
    you want the best integration with Facebook and Twitter
    you want better web support for HTML5 and AJAX
    you want better support for Gmail and IMAP, and more accurate processing of your spoken commands.

    • Dave

      10/27/2012 at 10:27 am

      Lol, its not the fastest smartphone, the HTC one x takes that title, and if you ever used a recent android you would know they are eons faster than the iphone.
      Their display has the highest resolution, not the best color quality. Samsung and HTC have higher color density
      You CAN use the phone with one hand if you keep it on your fingers instead of crooked up into the palm of your hand, The apple commercial telling you otherwise is just cheap marketing. I’ve never held my phone directly against the joint of my thumb like they want you to believe is typical.
      I addressed the best quality bs already. The plastic used in most android phones gives more in the event of a shock than the metal of the iphone does, so it protects the important parts of the device better. Being lighter, android phones also have less force exerted in a fall because force depends on mass.
      The app quality is the same, since most of the major apps are available for both systems. Since android has access to more of the device out of the box, its apps actually have more control over your device so they could be argued to be better.
      Facebook and twitter integration on ics+ is everywhere. It shows up in your contacts, you can send photos and videos to fb, and make status updates all without ever opening the app, so idk what you are getting at there.
      Google was the first major corp to get behind html5 and my 2 year old android supports it.
      Idk why I would want imap gmail when we have push gmail which uses less battery and is faster.
      Siri is a neat toy, but both device platforms can do the same things with spoken commands. You just have to know how to speak them to the android one. It only takes direct commands instead of casual language. It makes the voice search app smaller and consume less battery (oh which android can remove and replace with a new one) so I am happy with it. If I wanted a friend to talk to I would go to the bar and find one, not buy a smartphone. I like giving simple quick direct commands to my phone instead of having a conversation and hoping it gets it right (which siri doesn’t always do).

      • brandnew234

        10/28/2012 at 12:38 pm

        “You CAN use the phone with one hand if you keep it on your fingers instead of crooked up into the palm of your hand, The apple commercial telling you otherwise is just cheap marketing. I’ve never held my phone directly against the joint of my thumb like they want you to believe is typical.” You want to know something else? Apple says “You can use the iPad Mini one handed” so if Bob believes Apple, then the Note II should be really easy to use one handed.

    • brandnew234

      10/27/2012 at 7:16 pm

      The Note II is faster, Geekbench proves that time and time again.
      The displays present equal color experiences, even the super-biased (in favor of Apple) Cnet agrees.
      The iPhone 5 scratches easily. It has the most premium feel.
      Who says the iP5’s mic’s are better than the Note II’s? No one.
      Best front-facing camera? You’re really reaching for these now, aren’t you?
      Best quality apps… care to explain? They LOOK prettier, if that’s what you mean. the Play Store offers more functional apps.
      The integration is equal on both devices, maybe leaning in favor of Android, purely due to scroll-able widgets.
      the Galaxy Note supports HTML 5.
      LMFAO, better support for Gmail? You’re kidding, right? Gmail has more features on Android, vs iOS.
      Have you seem the comparisons of Google Now/Voice Commands vs Siri? They’re equals at best (for Apple).
      Buy a Galaxy Note if you like being productive, and use Google based services.

  25. Books

    10/18/2012 at 10:44 am

    Haha wow. Sad..I just wanted to see what the comparison between the cameras are. But he said the iPhone was better with out showing a sample of the note. Wtf at least show me how the iPhone beats it.

  26. Bob Minder

    10/18/2012 at 10:56 am

    Measurably faster downloads than even the Galaxy SIII

    100.0MBits/s vs 21.0MBits/s

    Considerably faster uploads

    5.76MBits/s vs 3.0MBits/s

    • brandnew234

      10/27/2012 at 7:19 pm

      Yea, for HSDPA+. In the US (the only place in the world with LTE at the release of te S3) has theoretical speeds of 100MB/s, and the Note II also comes with LTE. And guess what? Where the S3 has no LTE, LTE isn’t an option (so they’re on even playing fields).

  27. Scott in Texas

    10/18/2012 at 1:28 pm

    A R E A L R E V I E W:
    1. Connector – While the new connector on the iPhone 5 is a vast improvement (about time they came up with one that was similar to the microSD), it will mean that none of the gadgets you already own and spend your hard earned dollars on, for your previous iPhones will allow you to plug in your iPhone 5. And, Apple was totally unprepared, or worse, didn’t care about, making adapters available (and even decent ones at that, has anyone noticed how big that thing is! Quite a balancing act for your phone in your accessory with that adapter). PPP (piss poor planning).
    2. Memory capacity – Note2 allows for inexpensive microSD cards – in fact, as many as I can/want to bring with me. Apple? Limited to onboard and it is expensive to upgrade for each step up. For me to get the same amount of memory on an iPhone that I can have on a Note 2, (oh wait, maxed out that is not possible bc the iPhone is ltd), anyway, it is actually less expensive to buy a Note 2!
    3. Size of phone – Size is a pro for some and a con for others. For me, I am tired of straining to see apps and the web on the iPhone. While the Note 2 is large, I don’t hold the phone up to my head every anyway, I use a bluetooth headset. The Note 2 is still pocket-able. When you start comparing 12 vs 18 grams for a phone, you are nitpicking! Oh my, that extra 60 grams might weaken your little, girly legs! With the Note2, I will be laughing at iPhone users squinting and straining to see their apps and the web, not to mention the eye Dr bills to deal with this after a few more years.
    4. OS – Android just allows for so much more flexibility. Yes, the updates are fewer, but as long as it works to begin with the number of updates either phone gets shouldn’t matter. At all.
    5. Apps – Apple has more Apps, but you know, I don’t need all those innumerable Arabic apps and others that offer me absolutely nothing. As long as the top 20 I use are available on Android, I am happy (and they are)!
    6. Rate plans – iPhones cost more on monthly rate plans than other smart phones with the providers (at least they do with AT&T, which I am also happy to be leaving).
    7. Build quality – I admit, the iPhone is better. This being said, I keep my phones in a case – always! I am also very careful with my phones. So, this is less meaningful.
    8. Camera – iPhone has a better camera, but not that much better. When I really want to take good pics, I dont use a camera in my phone anyway. I use a real camera. Even a 8gb, phone cameras are still just a convenience that still don’t provide great pics or videos, but they are good and better than nothing.
    9. Accessories – Last, and this one is beyond me, but iPhone absolutely beats Android smartphones hands down on accessories! I have no idea why since Android phones (esp. Samsung) vastly outnumber iPhones among consumers. The main issue with this and third party mfrs, I guess, is location of the connector outlet (some on bottom middle, some on bottom rt or lt, some on side, etc.); however, there are still likely more Android phones with the microUSB on the bottom (yes, they all use this same std connector, except of course, Apple). So, hear me third party accessory mfrs – make more accessories for Android, microUSB phones! For now, to use my Bose speaker, once my Note 2 comes in, I will do what all iPhone 5 users are going to have to do, lean the phone into the old iPhone connector slot and plug it in via the audio port. Or, perhaps I will go find one of the microUSB accessories available, I believe Philips gets it bc they have a few out there now.

    • Scott in Texas

      10/18/2012 at 1:56 pm

      Sorry for the typos – I meant 120 vs 180 grams, for example. :)

  28. Dave

    10/19/2012 at 1:56 pm

    As an engineer, it is appalling how dumb the population is when it comes to “build quality”. Heavier and made of metal is not better quality when it comes to a device that is made of glass and can be easily dropped. The silliest thing about the build quality argument is that if you took either device and tried to take it apart or dropped it loads of times, neither would come apart and reveal the internals unless you gave a tremendous effort, which means that both have great build quality. What consumers consider build quality is really just “perceived build quality” with no factual basis.

    Here is a little science for you. All metals are far more rigid than all industrial plastics, and that leads to worse shock absorbency for the metal. The metal case of your iphone will transfer most (if not all) of the force of a drop to the internals and the screen (the reason why you see so many cracked iphones out there). Plastic on the other hand, will flex, allowing for some of the force to be dispersed, which results in less force acting on the screen and the phone internals. This means that the “cheap plastic” phones are actually more durable than most of the heavier metal ones. Sure, the plastic may crack off in a drop and it looks like its cheap, but that chip of plastic probably saved your screen or circuit board from cracking. Many plastics can actually outperform some metals in strength as well, so calling it better build quality is silly.

  29. Nath

    10/19/2012 at 4:19 pm

    I disagree with Adam , I am using the Samsung Galaxy note 2 right now , Its an amazing phone of what it can do which alot more than what Iphone can . I can get apps that I can not with my wife Iphone and it isn’t that big to hold. I have a few friends bought Iphone 5 and they aren’t happy.

  30. ng

    10/19/2012 at 5:09 pm

    lol..the iphone 5 doesnt do even half of what the galaxy note does.. this artical is based on accessories and aps.

  31. Vitalicboi

    10/19/2012 at 7:26 pm

    Wow, I personally found all those 8 ideas to be irrelevant. The truth is, the Galaxy Note 2 is a phone for men, while the iPhone 5 is more of a kids toy. It’s no wonder they are trying to make as many of these articles. Apple Fanboys are starting to look like idiots who keep falling for Apple very well thought out advertising tricks.

  32. Anand

    10/20/2012 at 7:12 am

    Hahaha this is a joke. Typical blind sheep scenario Apple (what a dumb name for a company) has managed to foster..I give them that even with their devices being outclassed and much better alternatives now still the sheep out there who take the iCrap little scrappy updates and longer funny looking screen and think the device shits gold. I love the way iPhone users put down Android when they have never even touched such a device. Sorry dude as an ex iCrap user..and happily a current user of the Note 2 I can tell you straight up trying to compare iCrap and the Note 2 (well many of the high end Android devices now) is like trying to compare a Mercedes (iCrap) to a Ferrari (Note2 duh). People will look at your Mercedes and go oh nice..soon as the Ferrari pulls up the Mercedes goes out the window. The Note 2 is a device which shows relevant innovation both in design and OS while the iPhone last showed innovation 4-5 years ago and is now simply trying to play catch and failing dismally at it. That said it is unfair to even try comparing the iPhone 5 to the Note 2 such is the iPhone outclassed on all fronts with screen res a possible then if so small.. exception…personally I do not think so but the stats say otherwise.

  33. Anand

    10/20/2012 at 7:22 am

    Apologies. .catch up not catch..and specs not stats

  34. jay

    10/20/2012 at 11:32 pm

    No more product reviews for you! You suck pretty bad. lol

  35. feragola

    10/21/2012 at 6:26 pm

    @Bod Minder,
    Not sure what you mean by apple having better support for Gmail and IMAP support? There is No better support for gmail than the company that invented it and I’ve been using IMAP on android for years.

  36. Malachi

    10/22/2012 at 7:46 am

    Dude you have got to be kidding me…. Long time iPhone user leaving for samsung note 2…..

  37. current iphone user - until the 25th

    10/22/2012 at 10:11 am

    What’s hilarious is he could only come up with 8 reasons, and 7.5 of them are bullshit i-fanboy delusions that iOS users convince themselves every day are good reasons to stick with their no-longer-ground-breaking devices. I guarantee if this guy even picked up a Note or Note II that he would delete this post.


    10/22/2012 at 9:20 pm


  39. TexanAndroid

    10/24/2012 at 7:27 am

    “In addition, pulling up the iPhone 5′s camera is still faster than trying to pull it up on an Android device, even one running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This ensures that you won’t miss important shots.”

    Are you saying from time of launch to time of usable that the camera is faster? Or that you believe it takes longer for android users to “fumble through” their menus to find their camera? The latter is subjective on how you have your screens layed out (something you can’t do much with on iOS). As for push-to-launch time, how about some numbers to validate this claim?

    • jason

      10/24/2012 at 7:31 am

      HTC One X will smoke your IP5 in launch time for the camera, and takes photos that can be argued are just as good if not better. plus it had the ability to take photos in video , burst shot and panorama before IPhone. So really???

  40. Kyle

    10/27/2012 at 11:02 am

    Hey retards! This article is called “8 Ways the iPhone 5 beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 2”. It is not a review! While the Galaxy Note 2 is an amazing phone, there are some minor things that the iPhone 5 does a slightly better job at, and that is all this article is pointing out (although some the reasons are up to personal preference). For those of you screaming FANBOYYYY!! why don’t you go read the article “8 Ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 beats the iPhone 5”. You people are just as bad as the Apple fanboys…

  41. Nigel

    10/27/2012 at 4:10 pm

    Hey, just to let everyone know, I’m selling my superior iphone 5 64GB for only 749.00 and not one person in 2 weeks has come and bought it. I cant wait to get rid of this piece of junk for that inferior note 2 when it comes out. ;P

  42. ass

    10/28/2012 at 12:34 am

    horrible review!

  43. bambambambambambambambam

    10/28/2012 at 3:09 pm

    The iPhone 5’s camera is far superior with the new patented purple glow from the sun!

  44. batoot

    10/28/2012 at 5:51 pm

    dont force your fart cause it will come with shit ( like this review )

  45. Wali Ashraf

    10/29/2012 at 9:06 am

    Nice review iphone 5 is the best, those who like android can suck their dicks.

    • Dave

      10/29/2012 at 9:37 am

      I like how all the android supporters come with facts and here you are proving your ignorance with a comment like that. Android users can not suck their dicks because humans lack the flexibility to do such an act.

      • Rick

        11/01/2012 at 11:09 am

        Actually, that is a wrong observation. I have a friend, others call him Lucky, or “Frank the hosepipe” and in his misspent youth … he was able to display the extraordinary flexibility. If that would be the right description.

        • Dave

          11/01/2012 at 2:01 pm

          Its not an observation. He lied to you. It is not possible unless the lower ribs are removed because they hit your pelvis in trying to do such an act and would separate your vertebrae if you pushed it that far.

  46. aaa

    10/30/2012 at 3:28 am

    Holy fuck! Is that all you can think of? 8 irrelevant points that iPhuck 5 beats Note 2. That’s fucking pathetic.

  47. Chewie

    10/30/2012 at 6:52 pm

    Heehee the comments were more entertaining than the review

  48. Yang

    10/31/2012 at 9:27 am

    If you rock skinny jean…. yea it wont fit. I have no problem with my regular jean…… Using the note 2 then going back to my old vibrant feel weird going back to a small screen

  49. fowlman

    10/31/2012 at 5:13 pm

    iPhones are for the technically challenged. There is nothing innovative about them. I can’t believe that anyone would try to argue the issue of superiority. You can find a better camera on an android, a better screen, superior hardware, etc.. People like me who use their phone for business will find the Note 2 much more productive. Those who wouldn’t probably can’t set the clock on their microwave. If you feel that this post is just an opinion, then it’s given in context. This article is definitely just an opinion. I’d buy android or windows phone 8 before I’d get another iPhone, and I could name more than 8 reasons why. iPhone…….Blackberry? Soon to be one. and the same, I think. Irrelevant!

    • Rick

      11/01/2012 at 11:02 am

      Exactly my sentiment. Virtually everyone who makes currently the Android phones and tablets, will make Windows 8 gadgets as well (sooner or later). The Rim Blackberry is already irrelevant … it won’t take Apple too long to flip over. Looking at their new offering “mini iPad” specification …. they are on the road to oblivion already.

    • nikki

      11/05/2012 at 1:41 pm

      I use iPhone for business. I don’t want a phone that I can tweak or have to do things to in order to make it work right. I don’t want a phone that requires a learning curve. I just want it to work.

      I am not a techno nerd so I’d rather just have a good phone that does what I need it to and is not so huge I can’t fit it anywhere. Oh also iphones are prettier. Ya, I’m a girl. Get over it.

      But guess what? I’m who apple targets. And guess what else most people are like me. They just want it to work without the fuss. I don’t have time to figure things out. I work and I have a life.

      Apple is easy. That’s why I like it. I have yet to see a droid or non-Apple product that is equally easy and works as quickly and well.

      • Frank

        11/15/2012 at 4:11 am

        AOL syndrome…

  50. Rick

    11/01/2012 at 10:46 am

    The guy must be one of those iPhone mutants. We should be glad that he is not comparing 10″ Asus Prime to iPhone 5. I have 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablets. Both have only 16Gb on board memory … and came free on Vodafone contracts here in the UK. Both Notes 2 have 64 Gb Sandisk Micro SDHX card in … and with Quadcore processor and the 2 Gb of on board Ram … they can run circles around iPhone 5 (in both directions) The Note 2 came preloaded with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 … and the camera is excellent. If I need anything better, I will use my Nikon DSLR. When comparing the workmanship …. the entire Note 2 is made by Samsung in Korea [it says so inside the battery compartment e.g. Made in Korea by Samsung]. iPhone 5 has parts made in ZTE, Huawei and Foxconn in China, And it is assembled in China by the poorly paid continuously striking labour force.

  51. Gilbert Cunanan (@gilbs72)

    11/01/2012 at 6:08 pm

    This is a very desperate effort. Almost as if Apple hired the reviewer. Can’t even make it to 10 and Galaxy Note 2 probably has over twice the ways to beat the iPhone. Btw what era are we in? Plastic is the new material to beat. Highly shape-able, can be colored inside out to mask scratches, and can even be made stronger to resist damage. Plastic is used in the most demanding applications such as handguns, sport/military eyewear, vests, etc. The very best sportcars now use plastic (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) for the bodies. (Glass is just processed sand. Aluminum, the most abundant metal on earth’s surface. Let’s stop glorifying these like diamond and gold.)

  52. Tito

    11/01/2012 at 6:22 pm

    Bro…. After reading this WHOLE article, on an iPhone 4S btw! I did this…. I zoomed back out, scrolled all the way to the top and at mid speed scrolled down to your “8 points” all the bold letters strike as a “materialistic fad” I mean seriously…. Price?? Accessory? Build quality? How bout f**k the accessory shit and give us a way that is performance-based…. So pretty much you’re saying that the note 2 is a powerhouse but iPhone beats it because it has an “iHome and bumpers huh??? Smh what joke!

  53. Graphix

    11/01/2012 at 9:43 pm

    I’m a huge fan of apple. I used all apple products before the iphone5 and now I’m not using Iphone5 and instead using galaxy note. Who that says it’s difficult to grab galaxy note, I could understand what they are saying. but iphone 5 can’t beat galaxy note because it’s really easy to type text messages and have more fun playing games and better to web browse.
    It’s like carrying small tablet in your pocket.
    Think different! That’s what Apple told us before!

    • Barry

      11/03/2012 at 10:15 am

      Using both a Galaxy Note and an iPhone 4s I use the iPhone more. Why? iOS 6 works better. Its faster. It’s integrated. Android does not run well. Updates take forever, if at all. The hardware’s great but the Android OS is not. Samsung should have developed their own OS.
      Besides to try to run Android faster you have to have faster and faster processors. Sounds like badly integrated software.

      • jason

        11/03/2012 at 10:38 am

        Yes, using a software that allows and does less, will run faster with less power. That is common sense to most. And I am sure that every IPhone and IPad has bumped its processor as well, so with your logic is IOS becoming more power hungry with each “update”? The faster processors are because we are doingmore and more with these phones, and we want them to do instantaneously, has nothing to do with software. And the Note with 4.0 upgrade works great for my wife. Please update and see if changes your mind at all.

      • Rayik

        11/16/2012 at 8:39 pm

        I used to save battery and money using whatsapp on my iPod touch. But after os update. I can’t use it anymore. So is it upgrading or downgrading? I guess money grading is ….. One day I just realized I don’t have enough storage space or battery is running low. I don’t need to buy a pc or laptop an extra battery or extra microsd card will do, under a minute.

  54. eamonn

    11/04/2012 at 2:18 pm

    the only way your going to redeem yourself after that utterly crap review is to tell me someone from Apple had a gun to your head at the time you wrote it.If not ,you really need to stop your reviews.i”ve read some crap over the years on the internet but yours takes the biscuit.

  55. gh

    11/04/2012 at 4:52 pm

    iTOOL Bah! Bah! Bah!

  56. mahe

    11/05/2012 at 6:20 am

    Bull shit review. Both phones cater to different purposes. I phones hardly address the current business needs. Apple and IPhone are still for media or entertainment people with no multi tasking capabilities. Since both belong to different sectors and manufactured for different set of people this review is just a perfume in ash.

  57. nikki

    11/05/2012 at 1:28 pm

    Hey there apple haters. I think you all sound like whiny brats. Sorry iphone is better then droids period. I’ve tried both and droids are simply subpar. My friends who chose to go droid complain a lot about stuff they can’t do as well. The only advantage this new one has is the google maps ap imo. I am bummed that apple didn’t include that in the iphone 5.

    In regards to the size, who wants a phone they can’t even hold in one hand anyhow? And why do I need a huge screen for my phone? That’s what tablets are for. If everything else was equal the size alone would sell me on never buying one of these. I can barely fit an iphone 4 in my pocket and you want to give me an even bigger phone?? Gee talk about never being able to bring my phone in my tiny clutch. No thanks. I think I’ll pass.

    To be honest all I see when reading these derogatory comments is “wah wah I’m a nerd that hates apple and everything it stands for.” pfff Grow up nerd kids.

    • jason

      11/05/2012 at 1:44 pm

      Ah, you are everything apple loves in a consumer, my phone is better cause I say so! Not once in your rant did you educate us in how or why your IPhone is better? I am no nerd, and actually work in telecommunications for 15 years, and there is a reason that Android OS dominates the market, CHOICES. My wife uses a a Note, loves it, fits a purse fine, and if your phone doesn’t fit in your tiny single lady satchel, where are you carrying your tablet that U need? and if u carry a IPhone 4, you are not even in the same discussion as these phones. The Note 2 bests the IPhone in most categories , size is a preference of model choice. I used everyone IPhone ever made, get them for free, but choose a android cause of all the differences they offer in CHOICES, Something Apple refuses to do.
      Please please reply, and educate me on why your phone is superior for the masses, not just you. And try doing it in a educated and professional manner, no name calling please, some people here may get offended and call you a stuck up daddy’s girl that doesn’t work a real job…

    • Jason

      11/05/2012 at 1:56 pm

      Also, please note, I use apple IPad 3, I have a MacBook Pro, just the phones they have slipped back a notch in being ground breaking and offering new products. You say you use your phone for business, but size doesn’t matter cause you would use a tablet? Then what business are you doing on your phone? What is the last Android you actually used? Yes a iPhone is easier, I recommend that or windows to most new users, and once you use it switching has a learning curve. But as far as simply working, my 4s closed apps, as well as my new iPad, way more than my One X has.
      You are the commented to me that says their car is way better then my car cause they like their car, but have never driven or been in my car before. If you want simple and needs to work, grab a Nokia flip phone, never has a problem, fits in your satchel and skinny jeans, and the battery last a few days.

    • Dave

      11/05/2012 at 2:27 pm

      Lol, my parents, grandparents, and girlfriend all have androids and can use them easily despite not knowing anything about tech. My grandparents can barely use a computer and they got it right away. Apple users only think the iphone is easier because they know it better. Go look up vids on youtube, most things are easier, and have less button pushes to do on android. Also, maybe you had a bad time with it because you used a “droid” which is verizon’s stupid labeling of it, and they add a ton of garbage verizon apps on it. Anyone who calls it a droid sounds like an ass. I like how all the people with facts sound like whiny brats and are “nerd kids” even though a few of them have obviously shown they are it professionals.

      If you knew anything about the note 2, you would know it can split the screen in half and let you use 2 apps simultaniously split screen, and can do picture in picture to play flash videos in the corner while you do something else. Both things that apple can’t do even on tablet. The larger screen helps to make that reasonable and it is undeniably one of the best features of a smartphone to date.

      Also, the note 2 has the hardware specs required for ubuntu on android which allows you to run a full linux system on your phone at any time by just docking it. Meaning you could have a full computer in your pocket whenever you want. Ubuntu is just as easy to use as windows or osx are and its free. I’ll eat my own crap when apple lets their phones act as full fledged computers on open source code. Even without that, this phone so obviously beat the iphone and you can see that if you read the other article that gives the reason it is better than the iphone. The reasons in that article are much more substantial and meaningful than the ones in this one, he only did this one to be unbiased but you can see he is reaching for compliments here (since there are so few in comparison) if you read the other one.

    • Dave

      11/05/2012 at 2:33 pm

      You are 100% the perfect target customer for apple. Ignorant, stubborn, and self righteous to the point that you can argue that you are correct even with no facts or reason. Just because you used 1 android before out of 20 manufacturers and you have friends that are too stupid to operate a basic device doesn’t make you an expert on android. I can do anything even the iphone 5 can do and my android is 2 years old. Mine quiets itself when im at a place that is sound sensitive (movies, work etc), texts people back automatically to say I can’t talk if I’m driving, and gives me reminders about errands I need to run as I am approaching the area of a store I need to go to. Tell me how you can make your iphone do any of those things and I will concede that you aren’t talking out of your ass.

  58. White Fire 2012

    11/06/2012 at 12:34 am

    Wow some people on here really need to get life’s.
    Of course its about personal choice ignorant informed or other wise?

    For me it is a very simple well searched decision which meets my needs.
    Note 2 simple no brainier – Fablets are the way of the future for those who choose it.

    I can only see this type of market share growing along with hardware etc.
    It is a has all ready got off to an impressive start.

    It really is about what works in the real world for me good luck out their.

  59. Kitolo

    11/07/2012 at 9:34 am

    This is the most stupid review I have ever read. People who buy the note 2 want the large real estate. If they wanted something pocketable, they will get a s3. You fail to mention that samsung has widgets, and andriod 4.1.1 is really an advanced os. I really considered getting the iphone5 but I was sold after trying my friends s3 that the note will be better than this. And I am proud owner of one now. Heck i didnt even flinch to get it. Once u see the screen you will fall in love. Who wants to use apple maps. Bleh.

  60. Remi

    11/07/2012 at 4:30 pm

    I am writing this on my iphone 5. I am new to at&t and i have had an iphone for the last year. When i switch to at&t 3 weeks ago i got the samsung s3 because their were no iphones available. When i had a chance a week ago to go get the iphone 5 i was all over it. Piece of JUNK!! I swear, 2 weeks with the GS3 and then a week with the iphone, ive missed all the features on the S3. I have just over a week left where i can exchange my phone at best buy and you better believe i am getting the note2 this Friday. Yes its a huge phone, but whith more options than the GS3, how the heck am i not going to love it! A friend of mine has one with tmobile and i had a chance to play with it and i must say its amazing! And its not all that hard to hold!

  61. Tenzin

    11/10/2012 at 7:00 am

    This review is lame! Apple must have paid you.

  62. Techy

    11/10/2012 at 2:11 pm

    I found this a funny attempt to show what the iphone 5 has on a note 2. Appearantly, nothing of note ( pun intended ), and people that use phone size or materials used making a device annoy the crap out of me. I am a tech that works in multiple buildings across a city all day and use a web based exchange mail and web based helpdesk system. I used to have a 4s and an ipad 3 (4g) and carried both, the phone of course for calls and the ipad for all my data entry due to the small screen on phone. With the note 2 both of my old devices are obsolete. Everything i need to do can be done on one device. No fanboy comments needed or loyalty to one company or another. If you are a traveling businessman or someone that doesn’t work in a stationary place all day and does lots of data entry or multi-tasking on smart devices the note 2 beats any other device out there because its size and funtionality. Being able to pop the pen out while on a warranty call and jot down the RMA number with ease is just one! And just as a personal note, get a case no matter what phone you use, and care more about the construction of the case.

  63. Travis James Graves

    11/12/2012 at 8:53 am

    HAHA this is by fa the most biased review of all time since when are “pocket ability and size even on a review , just reaching for stuff wrong with phone when in actuality it is by far the best phone out the is nooooo comparison between the two the note 2 is lightyears ahead

  64. Shubh Gaur

    11/12/2012 at 9:07 pm

    the i phone 5 is much much costlier than the galaxy note 2 in any storage varients
    the price given is fake

  65. fucface Jr.

    11/14/2012 at 10:09 am

    Wow 8 lame reasons the iphone 5 is better than the note 2. None of the reasons were features accept for the camera everything else was subjective. Build quality really? iphone 5’s are scratch magnets. pocketability really? if it fits in a pocket it’s pocketable.

    If you’re going from an iphone 4s to iphone 5 it’s almost the same phone except for an extra row of icons. You’ll be bored with it the same day you get it. Why waste your upgrade on something you already have. So you can make Appe more money?

  66. Frank

    11/15/2012 at 4:46 am

    I visited my brother yesterday, who proudly dug his dinky iPhone5 out of his front pocket to brag about, saying how excited him & his wife were to stand in line for it’s roll out.

    Looks like a toy for a small child. He won’t be watching any videos on it, & he’ll need a magnifying glass to use it otherwise, too.

    I then pulled my GNII out of my pocket, quickly loaded the console quality Need For Speed – Most Wanted (free from T Mobile) game, got a race going & stuck in his hands.

    I felt sorry & embarrassed for him…

    The GNII is ridiculously cool, & vastly superior to any smartphone on the current market.

    It is in fact, the best innovation since the pentium chip, imnsho…

  67. sh

    11/15/2012 at 9:14 am

    correct review ,iphone 5 is more reliable and better ,you cannot waste so much money on note 2 which is not reliable at all,

    • Dave

      11/15/2012 at 9:32 am

      Great insight. I love your specific examples and sited sources. This review doesn’t at all sound like some random person who has never operated either phone. If you aren’t going to introduce facts into your arguments or at least reasoning behind them, there’s no reason to post them. Where do you find the info about it being unreliable? Is it in the rave reviews it is getting? The ones that go beyond comparing it to phones and show ways in which it can replace your tablet? I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

  68. Saivy

    11/15/2012 at 10:44 am

    Main thing is samsung release around 60 to 80 phones in a year and apple release only one phone with glitches and bugs. M using note 2 now. Just want to say this phone is beast among every isucked phones

  69. dan de jong

    11/15/2012 at 2:31 pm

    Ok listen up, I have both.
    after I used the note 2 for two weeks now, the iphone 5 is back in its box. Why? cause hat 5,55″ inch screen is just gorgeous to use for everyday life you want to do with a smartphone, when you got used to it there is no way back to the 4″ inch screen iphone 5 screen (offcourse it’s also beautiful quality). But when you got used to a bigger screen ou will find a way to stash it away and everytime you use it, it will bring a smile on your face because of its useability

  70. John

    11/16/2012 at 12:14 am

    LOL I have both the iPhone 5 and the Note 2. Please STFU with your bias reviews.

  71. ethan

    11/16/2012 at 2:58 pm

    The iPhone 5 and Note 2 are both good phones, they both have their good bits and bad bits, but i work for orange and i sell both of these products, and to be honest, the i phone 5 is a total downfall compared to the galaxy note 2, when the iPhone 5 was released i was selling them to people over the phone, and the very next day almost everyone phoned back up complaining on how bad it was, they were saying that it was falling apart e.g (the sides coming off, the buttons getting stuck and not coming back out, and so on) and that the network system was running terribly slow, also apple deleted Google maps and created their own maps, but when people went to view this app it said they were somewhere off at sea, which is pretty rubbish. Every month you have to upload the the system, and it takes far to long, people were saying that it took over seven hours to download which is ridiculous, you cant even download it in the background either so you cant make any phone calls or messages whilst it is downloading so that is vital just in case you need to make an important phone call, also when the system has been downloaded it has some side effects, people were saying that

  72. ethan

    11/16/2012 at 3:13 pm

    the alarms were not going off neither was the ringtone when someone called them, and if you took a photo it sometimes wouldn’t save, baring in mind this is every month so you can imagine the hassle it will be. How do i know all this is true? Orange said to me i could have the Iphone 5 for a week and if i like it i can keep it but if i do keep it i cant sell it, because if that was the case im sure everyone at orange would be doing the same thing and selling it for money. i had it for four days and i was sick of it so i sent it back and got my old phone back, the htc one s. Comparing them together, the note 2 is outstanding compared to the iphone 5, the cameras are exactly the same, the networks are both 4g but for some reason the iphone 5 runs a lot slower than the note 2, it seems its til on 3g. Apple are fussy people, they charge you for almost everything, songs cost money, they changed their charger socket so if you have a docking station made for the original iphone then your out of luck im afraid, whilst android is a lot nicer, you can get free apps to download free music and the apps are a lot better and free, if you are ever going away camping or somewhere where there’s no electric and you need as much battery as you can get then the note 2 is best for you, it lasts almost 4 times as long as the iphone 5, also the speakers are 1.5x as louder as the iphone, in my opinion the galaxy note 2 is a better, more advanced phone, i only ever had one complaint about the note 2, and that was a 72 year old woman complaining about how big it was, what was a 72 year old woman doing with a phone like that anyways, i dont know. galaxy note 2 for the win guys, dont get dragged into apples game, most people just want it coz its made by apple, but apple a stingy.

  73. Rayik

    11/16/2012 at 7:55 pm

    I am comparing my iPhone 3gs with no other phones. But wish to share what I went through.
    I have major problem with the battery of my iPhone. Even though it comes with 1 year warranty. I bought extra 1 year of warranty. Which is 2 years to get a proper iphone before it runs out of 1 to 1 exchange should there be any fault. In the end, after 2 exchanges with many iOS upgrade they still can’t fix the problem. My third exchange was done in Singapore where they do not accept applecare warranty bought from other countries. My last exchange was a 3GS from the past, re-cond first batch that rolls out from the factory. The SIM card slot was bulging about 0.5mm and it doesn’t feel nice on a smooth surface especially the edges are quite sharp.
    The phone still hangs up if I talk more than 1 minute. It shows me that I should recharge my phone.
    After the latest ios upgrade. Taking photo with my IPhone is a battery draining task. Unless I close the app from running on the background or my phone just heats up to warn me. It will last about 4-5 hrs on a full charge just on standby mode.
    Even though my 3GS supposed to be a 3G phone. But the battery isn’t. 3-4hrs on standby. Untill today the latest iOS 6. It comes with extra bugs like lagging, lagging and lagging.
    The 3GS signal reception are supposed at the best from iPhone, 3G, 4 and 4s. Yet a 3 bar does not mean good reception I am always cracking up. 4s up till now is 1 or 2 bars and nobody could reach me with those!
    I travel a lot. I would always do a face palm whenever I wanted to change my SIM card.

    So many if.
    If only I could bring another box of paperclips.
    If I had an extra batteries I would not have to wait or forgot that it is still charging in my bedroom.
    If the wifi or Bluetooth switch is just a swipe away. (Never jailbreak)
    If my phone could automatically tell me I have used up my data plan.
    If just the whatsapp is running on data plan and. The rest on wifi.
    Without clipping off my sim card. And to use a micro simcard adaptor.
    If I could find my phone position from the Internet.
    If using Bluetooth does not shorten the battery life.
    If I don’t need to spend an air ticket to get another re-cond iPhone that is almost out of phase.
    If they still sell the 3GS case.
    If I had bought the 64gb version or just add a micro sd wouldn’t even need another iPhone version.
    If the composite plug-in to tv does not cost me an arm or leg.
    If sd card reader is does not cost my finger.
    If I am able to transfer some file using the card reader to my sd/microsd card.

    And if it could have a bit bigger screen. If it can be a galaxy note or note 2 will be a plus.
    F..k you iPhone.

  74. Rayik

    11/16/2012 at 8:13 pm

    If my 3G-wifi iPad could makes a call. iPhone is obsolete.

  75. Amar

    11/17/2012 at 6:50 am

    I am using Samsung Galaxy series starting from Galaxy S1. I am having bad experience with recently purchased Note 2. Within a month its display had issue. LED goes off which resulted a small black line on screen. I observed difference in quality of photos taken by Note 1 and Note 2. The successor has poor camera.Camera fails to work in dull light. The quality of photographs is so poor compared to good economic phone.

    • jojo men

      11/24/2012 at 6:16 pm

      where did you get your device from

      • ira

        12/28/2012 at 12:59 pm

        i think his Galaxy N II was a cheap Chinese replica;)

  76. No1

    11/19/2012 at 3:40 am

    First of all 99.99% of you are biased. Secondly, you all need to calm the F down and this is why. This is coming from someone (me) who has had all previous Iphones. I have also owned the Galaxy S3, HTC ONE X, and currently the Note 2 from AT&T. When it comes down to what really makes the Iphone 5 better, these 8 reasons noted above are all true. Yes its smaller, Yes it has a better camera, yes the Apps store has more apps, and yes the build quality is better. However, who does this pertain to? those who prefer them right? So now this is not 8 reasons why the Iphone is better than the Note 2 because 99.99% of you are freaking stubborn. With that said, I picked up the Note 2 on launch day at AT&T. I admit, it has some great qualities like the screen size, flexibility of widgets, great battery life, freedom of swapping out the battery and memory, and last the cool system features. This is my second Note 2 (i changed colors after a week) so my thoughts are not based on a single Note 2. Where else does the Iphone 5 shine above the Note 2? To begin, the fluidity. Yes the Note 2 has a Quadcore processor + 2gb ram, but aside from scrolling back and forth on the menus it gets choppy. Prime example is Facebook. Try scrolling down fast and you keep getting a pause and that is irritating. It also takes forever for your screen to activate when pressing the home/power button. Also try the app Pulse where you scroll left to right, it is not as smooth vs. the Iphone 5. When in the native browser to flip screens, that is not as fluid either. The one that erks me the most is when you try to apply a wallpaper and it somehow slightly auto fills which takes quality of the original picture. So yes, i too have mixed feelings between both devices. I miss the “Tap the bar” feature that scrolls a page to the top. I miss the 326ppi screen with beautiful more accurate color. I miss easily texting with one hand. I miss the dedicated camera button. In the end, i wish i could keep both phones, I can go all day, but reality is that i can only keep one. Both devices are not perfect and you guys really need to chill out about hating a phone, YES you!!! what the hell did the Iphone do to you?? idiots.

    • TexasGirl

      06/01/2013 at 8:40 pm

      My i5 freezes and force closes Facebook regularly. It wont load feeds and kicks me out and makes me sign back on. The camera freezes and also closes. My gallery won’t load sometimes and I DONT have 5000 pictures in there. And I could continue but won’t. And lastly, you ended your rant with What the hell did iPhone do to you, idiots! The answer is NOTHING that’s exactly the point. It Fails in comparison to GN2 period! Suck it up butter cup Apple LOOSES!

  77. Rdot213

    11/25/2012 at 3:21 pm

    People are whining on here, just in case you wasn’t paying attention this is 8 reasons why the iPhone 5 is better. And what was said is true, now there is another article that’s the opposite, why why the note 2 is better. Pros and cons for both. But it’s cool, if whining like a bunch of cry babies make you feel better than grab a box of tissue and go at it. I have a iPhone 5 and love it. But I’m also looking to buy another phone and may get the note 2 to see if its a good phone. If its not ill get my iPhone 5 back from my Girl and let her have the note 2. So we will see…

  78. unclear.six

    11/26/2012 at 8:02 am

    This “review” is laughable at best (similar to the feeling of using an iPhone 5 after having a Galaxy Note II for a week). The iPhone 5 isn’t in the same weight class as the Galaxy line of phones and people need to stop treating it like it is (sometimes you gotta know when to stay down). This is a new division that Apple simply cannot compete in with it’s current offerings, this fight should have been called long before the bell was rung…

  79. Kelly Mark

    11/27/2012 at 9:11 am

    I dont agree with this article I would say The Galaxy Note II is a huge leap over the previous generation and if any one has galaxy note it would be wise to sell your oroginal asap for an upgrade. according to movaluate’s fair market appraisal , owener could still get $310.00 for his old Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB , which could help pay for the awesome new galaxy note II.

  80. Dean

    12/02/2012 at 2:53 am

    Let me give you a true unbiased opinion. I’ve used both devices (iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2). The Note 2 might be too large for some people, however it fit in my pocket without a problem. The screen is amazingly smooth and vibrant, and it has so many features like S-Pen note-taking, face recognition security, dynamic wallpapers… It can do so much more than the iPhone 5 and is extremely customizable. However, here are the problems I encountered:

    Google removed the ability to save apps to the SD card. So, if you get the 16GB version (the only one available in Canada), all you get is approx 11GB of space for all apps. Samsung advertised their “multi-tasking” feature for Note 2 in tv ads and ads on display where the Note 2 is being sold – yet the Note 2 did not ship with this ability. That’s like Apple boasting about Siri on iPhone 4S, then not including it on the device. This is a “bait and switch”. Samsung did release an update for UK carriers and I believe some US carriers, however, there is no word when or if this update will make it to Canada as each carrier has to release it in their own time.

    I tried contacting Samsung support by email, but I am yet to get a response. Their customer support is lacking. I also noticed that the glass /lens over the camera scratches very easy. Lastly, Samsung only allows you to print from the Note 2 to a Samsung printer. Luckily, you can setup Google Cloud Print on your computer, but it isn’t as simple as AirPrint.

    I eventually decided on iPhone 5 over the Galaxy Note 2 for he above reasons. Apple has the best customer support, the classic OS still works, the app store is still on top, and its popularity means more third-party support. It was a very hard decision, because the Note 2 is an amazing phone. Apple needs to step up its game big time next year. If all we can expect is an iPhone 5S with the same boring OS, the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 will definitely be light years ahead.

    I need a 5 inch iPhone with sizeable active icons, widgets, stylus, and dynamic backgrounds. An iOS-Windows Phone 8-Android hybrid. I’m sure Apple can pull it off and make it look like it was there idea.

  81. Sophia

    12/02/2012 at 1:11 pm

    Im a 17 year old girl whose dad after millions of years of begging finally agreed to get her the phone of her dreams, an iPhone! Okay, so there i was at tesco today just playing with the Ip5 they have on stand, absolutely ecstatic that within a month, I’d get one too. But then i saw the note 2. O.o its an understatement to say i fell in love. My sister has been begging me to get the galaxy 3 over the ip5, but i wouldnt listen. Now? I’m confused. I’ve never had an Ip, and ive always kinda regretted it. I really suck at choosing phones though. (Thats how i got stuck with a stupid htc) ve only actually ever had one, the htc, and I chose over the iPhone simply because all my frienss told me to, and the year i have spent with, has been the most horrid. I hate it. and now im stuck between the samsung note 2 and the iphone 5 and i dont know which one to choose. My dads always had iphones and i love them but then i saw the note and its so prettyyyyyyy! *_* (yes, thats wot it comes down to for me. The pretty thing. -.- and that nobody at school has it so it’d be so different and unique -_-) I dont care about the complexity of the functions, because i’ll eventually figure them out (hopefully). the only thing I’m worried about is the reliability of the phone, like, ny friends say that samsung is really pretty and all but there’s always a glitch in the system eventually. And I don’t want to suffer from phone storage memories and all the other crap that my phone loves to torture me with. And if something goes wrong, my parents arrnt gonna get me a new phone before I finish university (and im still in my alevel) =/ my brain tells me to buy the iphone, but my heart wants the note. =’( what’s the best phone for a girly teenager who likes pretty things and does not want to get stuck with software problems? I live on my phone since im too lazy to get out of my room and sit on the laptop. Mostly use it for calls, whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube and fanfictions. help please?


    12/04/2012 at 8:13 am

    Read the article in 5 minutes and got stuck reading the comments for an hour or so.

    Know what? Whether this article is good or bad, biased or not, it doesn’t matter. Adam still owned you all because he got the traffic he needs for

    Look at his bio — He loves his iPhone, iPad and Galaxy Nexus S. So he probably owns a Note 2, as well.

    This was all just to get you typing all those lengthy discussions. Google just love those. That’s what probably put this site on to Google’s first page when you search for “iPhone 5 vs note 2.”

    Good job Adam (for getting the traffic not for the article. I’d have to agree with these peepz, this article sucks big time!)!

    Now back to the topic:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rules!!! Nuff said.

    Gonna get mine in a week! Can’t wait…

  83. Paul

    12/05/2012 at 8:06 pm

    Everyone complaining that this is bias of that the person writing is an Apple fanboy obviously forgot to read the title of the article you clicked in. It is not a comparison of iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2. It is simply telling of 8 things that are better about the iPhone 5 than the Note 2. The title actually implies that everything else is better about the Note 2. And this is coming from a huge Apple fan. And again, obviously those complaining are obviously Android fanboys which are just and radical as us Apple fans, and you should read an article that is bias toward Android and stop reading neutral articles because they will point out that the iPhone has many things about it that are better.

  84. Mike

    12/09/2012 at 9:25 pm

    Wow, not a single thing about how the Note 2 works over the iPhone? You’re still on the design hook and the size? You talked about how it fits in your hand, the size, and the design…ok 3 of 8…and then the stupid camera? As if 8MP isn’t good enough for anyone? Apps? You mean Apple proprietary apps…BIG DEAL! Price? Accessory Eco System? Really? This is the most useless post from an Apple user I’ve ever seen. Let’s talk about where The Note 2 shines…How about the massive screen so you don’t have to carry around a 10″ iPad too. Should I mention NFC? Or huge battery? I’m a power user and still got 15 hours of heavy use and has 33% percent battery left! How about TRUE multitasking…not meaning I have to hold down the home button and bring another app up…I mean 2 apps side by side! I don’t want to get into the removable battery and removable memory. With the 32GB version you can add an additional 64GB for 96GB! Yeah…beat that! Buy a 64GB iPhone 5…then check the cost….only because you mentioned cost. I dont even want to get into how much I can customize my Note 2 to be MY Note 2…not what Apple wants me to have. I couldn’t believe Apple touted Panorama Mode as a “new” feature. I laughed so hard when I saw that. And why can’t you use a Micro USB like everyone else? Oh because Apple wants more money from you suckers to pay an extra $30 for each additional Lighting Adapter that does nothing but make your life hell with your older iPhone accessories. My little brother bought one an iPhone 5. He went home put the adapter on and plugged into his iPhone music dock and it fell over because it did nothing but wobble…yeah great idea Apple. So maybe talk next time about what Apple can’t do over the Note 2. Why don’t you pick one up and play with it for a week before you make a crappy post. You’ll change your mind real quick. All my friends are switching from Apple to Samsung because they see potential with Samsung and Android…Apple has lost its touch. It’s people like you that try to revive a horrible product that Apple has made. I bet you own an iPhone 5…I’d almost put my life on it you do. Apple makes a great product and it works…but where’s the innovation? Oh maybe it’s in lawsuits by suing Polish grocery stores.

    • Paul

      12/09/2012 at 9:42 pm

      First: Only androids use micro USB.
      Second: Like I said before, you obviously forgot to read the title.
      Third: A lightning adapter from Apple is $20 and can be found elsewhere for like $3 so it is no more expensive than micro USB.
      Fourth: Your brother’s problem with the dock is because he bought a dock for a different phone. An android wouldn’t have worked at all on it.
      Fifth: The Note II is so expensive that there is no way someone would pick it up for a week and “try it out.”
      Sixth: The Note is so ridiculously huge that I can’t really hold it and use it at the same time. (And I have gigantic hands)
      Seventh: People are switching to Samsung and android because the phones are cheap because they don’t need to pay people to innovate because they just steal ideas from Apple.
      Eighth: Maybe you should go pick up an iPhone 5 and play with it for a week or so before you dis on it because it is awesome.
      Ninth: I have an iPhone 5 but I have used android and a Note 2 and android it horrible.

      • Dave

        12/09/2012 at 10:10 pm

        First: Thousands of devices in the realms of phones, mp3 players, gaming devices, and gps units use micro usb. It is one of the most universally accepted and widely used ports in electronics today.
        Second: Agree, this article is 1 of a pair.
        Third: Although not more expensive, it is only useful for one thing, and that’s the iphone, whereas micro usb is used by many different devices and will almost certainly fit everyone else’s phone in your house.
        Fourth: Agree, but iphone changing the dock peeved a lot of people off
        Fifth: The note 2 is less than half the price of an iphone and is the same price as any other new to market smartphone, so it is just as likely to be “tried out” as any other major smartphone.
        Sixth: I have normal sized hands and can use the note fine. If you let it rest on the end 2/3rds of your fingers you can reach every part of the screen with ease. The only way you couldn’t is if you had your fingers curled around one edge, but I’ve never used a phone like that, and I have never dropped one holding it on my fingertips, despite being an avid distance runner and active college student.
        Seventh: Many of samsung’s technologies existed before apple’s, and many of apple’s parts come from samsung. Windows mobile did everything the iphone does years before the iphone came out, it just didn’t have a unified app store or a childlike soft and round home screen, so use wasn’t as wide spread. If anything apple copied most of its ideas from others. If you read the infrindgements apple claims against samsung, all but 2 of them are basic features of android, not anything samsung made itself. All the samsung creations are well above and different from apple, such as smart notifications, smart stay, smart call, picture in picture, the use of dual and quad core processors, and the ability to split the display to multitask.
        Eighth: I own neither the iphone 5 or the note 2, but I have used both in decent length and there is nothing awesome about the iphone 5 after using the note 2 besides maybe how awesomely less productive it is or how awesomely more often it needs a charge with no way to use a 2nd battery.
        Nineth: There is nothing horrible about android. Older versions of android had performance problems due to the lack of hardware supplied by phone manufacturers and ram intensive apps. The latest android is smoother than ios, faster, uses less power, and on 87% of tasks, the android takes less steps to do what you want than the iphone does, which means it is easier to use. Any iphone user who used android and doesn’t like it is just someone who doesn’t know how to use android. Its the same reason people who use android don’t like the iphone after only using it for a few mins. You need a few weeks with a phone before you know its ins and outs, and are fluent in its operation. Having done so with both systems, I can say that android is far easier to use and gets things done with less effort on my end. Iphone is simpler to just pick up and start using, but ends up doing every day tasks slower since you have to hit more buttons to get there. Widgets eliminate having to even open some apps, and I can open my phone or my messaging right from my lock screen by sliding a different way. Its just more efficient. Saying things like android is horrible and iphone is awesome is silly. The spelling and grammatical errors don’t help either. If you are going to argue with someone bring solid facts and reasoning, not unsupported claims and opinion.

        • Paul

          12/09/2012 at 11:01 pm

          First: I am talking in relation to smartphones and my whole family has iPhones, iPods, DSs, and gameboys. Bone of those use micro USB so me having micro sV could not charge everyone’s device.

          Second: We have consensus.

          Third: Refer to first point.

          Fourth: I love the new charger even though it doesn’t fit on my old dock. I didn’t use that dock for my 4, I use it for my iPod Classic which never gets moved off it. I like it for a few reasons including that my brother can’t take my charger anymore.

          Fifth: The iPhone 5 is $199 and the Galaxy Note 2 is $299…

          Sixth: I guess you are really lucky. I can’t use my iPhone while I do my sport (swimming, lol). I have not sat extwnsively with my friend’s Note 2 to figure out how to hold it I just tried to hold it like my iPhone. I actually think that the iPhone 5 screen is almost too big, and people with small hands, such as my mom, will have trouble with anything bigger.

          Seventh: Apple designs parts and has other companies manufacture many of them, they don’t buy the other companies’ parts. The first iPhone OS didn’t have an app store either so why did it fare so much better than windows mobile?

          Eighth: There are battery cases for the iPhone that make it still far less bulky and 80’s dinosaur ph

        • Paul

          12/09/2012 at 11:11 pm

          one-like than the Note 2. I also only need to charge mine at night while I sleep. I type essays for school on my iPhone about as fast as on a computer…

          Ninth: Maybe the Android phone that my friend has is old and outdated, however the settings app is horribly difficult to navigate and everything in general just looks bad. I can get to my mail or messages from the lock screen if i have gotten ant, and if I havent, why would I go to look at them? How can you have less than one step to get somewhere on Android. That is impressive! Also, most Android phones use outdated LCD screens or OLED screens. OLED screens are worse that the ISP LCD screens that apple uses because they use far more battery, have about 2/3 the brightness, have lower contrast, worse blacks, and more washed-out colors. So even if they have a higher pixel density, they will still look worse.

          P.S. Tou shouldnt tell me I have made speeling mistakes when I had one, and you misspelled “ninth” and did not capitalize one proper noun. And a lot of the smartphone argument between people is opinion so that can be factored in.

          P.S.S. I love arguing with people over Apple, so thank you.

          • blaze

            02/07/2013 at 9:31 pm

            APPLE SUCKS ASS

        • Paul

          12/09/2012 at 11:15 pm

          Also, saying which phone is “better” without stating an opinion is difficult because “better” is an opinion word, and all writing that is worth writing is based on an opinion, or argument (do I sound like your hiatory professor), so you cannot leave out opinions.

      • TexasGirl

        06/01/2013 at 9:42 pm

        Please tell me you didn’t just say they “Steal” ideas from Apple???
        What ideas would that be? I think it’s gonna be the other way around honey. Other smartphones are so far advanced that Apple couldn’t possibly come up with anything to beat even the most basic Android!! They will have to steal and they will convince apple people it’s something new.

    • Paul

      12/09/2012 at 9:47 pm

      And you “suing Polish grocery stores” thing is just BS. Apple has sued companies such as HTC and Samsung because they have infringed on their patents that they use to make their products.

      • Dave

        12/09/2012 at 9:48 pm

        Google it, apple sued a polish grocery story over the name when .pl is the polish web extension.

        • Paul

          12/09/2012 at 10:10 pm

          Odd. Maybe suing in that case was a little bit much but I can see why they did it, and I don’t know the outcome if it is over yet, but i think apple will win this one. The guy who named the store should have been a little smarter than that. But how about my other comment?

          • Dave

            12/09/2012 at 10:12 pm

            Already answered that one point by point. Apple will most certainly lose that one, because the company name is a not apl, .pl is what all polish websites have at the end. And the logo is an apple with the word fresh in it, and the apple looks nothing like apple’s apple. They also only sell fresh food, so I doubt they would be using apple’s name to trick people into buying products. No one goes to a website to buy an iphone and gets tricked into buying bananas and broccoli.

  85. Ro

    12/19/2012 at 3:59 pm

    This is a horrible review from a biased fanboy. I myself own an iphone4s. My upgrade is ready and its either a ip5 with a faster processor and a bigger screen or this monstrousity of the Note II. First of all its like comparing apples to oranges. Since the ip5 isnt a phablet it doesnt compare to the note II and vice versa. Build quality yeah sure apple wins but drop it and you’re F***ked. I am not a big fan of plastic products but it does ensure lightweight and flexibility. GUI or OS I think both have their ups and downs. iP5 is quick, snappy and very responsive but lacks in funtionality. The Note II on the other hand seems just as fast but to add to that has more functionality than the restrained iP5. Yes everyone is gonna say Jailbreak it but why would i want to risk damaging my phone’s capability just to match with the stock android software. Hands down the iPhones have great apps and great support for those apps compared to the droid line-up. iP5 I believe came out a little late in the game. C’mon on now the androids have integrated software to its OS such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc, and now iOS6 is just catching up. RFID chips on most android phones and apple with none. I think I’m going to get the Note II for now until apple screws people over with an updated iphone5s or 6. iPhone 5 just didn’t seal the deal……I was expecting revolutionary not evolutionary.

  86. Felix

    01/13/2013 at 3:55 am

    Not good reviews. Aside from a biased reviews he owned Iphone5 meaning this thread is useless. If you guys make some reviews better to be fair.

  87. aldemon

    01/21/2013 at 1:36 am

    This must be coming from iPhone sheep..

  88. SG

    01/25/2013 at 4:09 pm

    Dude. .
    I used an iPhone since the day of the first one came out.
    Now I am soooo happy that I switched to Note 2 with Android Jelly bean.
    No more stupid Apples restrictions.
    And I am not an Apple’s milking cow anymore.
    Apple’s empire is a history.
    That’s why they wanted to kill Samsung.

  89. blaze

    02/07/2013 at 9:24 pm

    Baaaahahaha! This article is BULLSHIT!
    Galaxy note 2 blows the iphone away! The best phone on the market period! (As of now)Who gives a hoot how much the iphone is easier to grip. If you have big hands or average you wont have a problem. Dont believe the hype about iphone. .just well marketing ..nica please! !! This article is so wrong. One you get the galaxy note 2 trust me you won’t regret it, unless you just don’t like big. . And guess what? ? It’s a few other company’s jumping on the big screen Wagon. Love this phone. .btw.. I’m typing from the unit now. . Can iphone 5 at least do that? Lol joking.. but funny

  90. techgeek

    02/14/2013 at 12:36 pm

    not going to comment about all those stuff except updates.. with cyanogenmod you can get any os. so we don’t have to worry about that. learn how to compare in features not physical features which are obvious . what makes iphone 5 more than an iphone ? it looks the same feels the same why is it any different from the 4s is it just because it is taller or there is something that it has the note 2 doesn’t that is what i mean please excuse my english it is weak i know.

  91. Berus

    03/20/2013 at 6:11 pm

    Apple fanboys are so pathetic. Seriously… do you all think that people who buy something like the Note 2 or the GS3 or GS4 do so because we can’t afford an iPhone? HELLO – I’ve had 4 iPhones! I’m tired of the pathetically small screen, the lack of flexibility, the blocked YouTube functionality, and the lack of processor POWER. If all you want is a nice CASE, why not have someone craft you a titanium case and drop any mediocre phone into it? Seriously… aren’t you all tired of seeing old people with iPhones? Do you want to emulate your grandparents???

  92. Manee

    04/06/2013 at 1:00 am

    I have a quad-core 1.6 GHz Exynos 4412 processor, 2 GB RAM, the capabilitie of overclocking, 65-75 Fps, aka GN2

  93. Tommy

    05/06/2013 at 11:04 am

    i will never read any of your stupid reviews again adam , seriously, apple is spending too much money for positive reviews and let me laugh for the accessories hahahaha iphone 5 sucks you isheep or like the previous comment ikissapplesass , YOU MUST STOP POSTING YOUR USELESS REVIEWS.

  94. Wireless

    12/08/2013 at 7:15 pm

    I have to say this review is humorous, especially now when we can look back over a few months and see the reality. I have talked about both of these phones on and I have used both. It’s unfair to say that the Iphone 5 “blows away” the Note 2, as most of the reasons listed are PERSONAL PREFERENCE items and not real points of superiority. The size issue (repeated twice in different forms in the article) is a good example, as the size of the screen is often important. Yes, a 4 inch screen device is smaller and might fit in a pocket better, but by that logic, a 3 inch screen would “blow away” the Iphone. Really, screen size is preference. I tend to prefer the larger screen size for various reasons, and the size difference in the devices isn’t enough of a drawback to me.

    We also know that the “industrial” Apple case is apparently very prone to scratching, where as the Note 2 I tried (more than a year old) is in nearly pristine condition.

    The “accessory ecosystem” is another sort of red herring here, as the Android universe grows every day, unrestricted by the Apple closed wall mentality. The truth is that Apple’s dominance in the smart phone field has pretty much disappeared, Android is the OS of choice for more and more people, and the walled garden of Apple isn’t looking as good to many.

    I look forward to the next article about the 5 inch Iphone6 as a “satisfying increase that blows away the competition” when we get to that point

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