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9 Does Not Commute Tips, Tricks & Cheats



Use these Does Not Commute tips and tricks to get through the ever increasingly difficult cities with a variety of vehicles, power ups and other extras.

We’ll let you know when to use specific power ups, when you should use the rewind function and what you need to know about Does Not Commute cheats and hacks.

Does Not Commute is an exciting and new iPhone and Android game that tasks you with driving multiple cars and vehicles through a maze of a city. Each additional car must interact with the cars you already used, and by the time you get to the end of a level you’re looking at a crazy mix of dump trucks, police cars, mopeds and more.

Does Not Commute is free on the iPhone app store and on Google Play. You can enable checkpoints with the pro version of Does Not Commute for $1.99.

Become a master with our Does Not Commute tips and tricks.

Become a master with our Does Not Commute tips and tricks.

Here are our favorite Does Not Commute tips and tricks to get to the next city, score extra time and go further. We’ll also share what you need to know about Does Not Commute cheats and hacks.

Learn The Best Routes

The fastest way to succeed in Does Not Commute is to drive intelligently and know the routes that you need to take. You’ll learn these as you go through each level, but you can shortcut this by studying the route before you tap on the screen to go. So plan out where you want your car to go before you start driving.

This becomes increasingly important as you add more cars to the mix. When you start driving and learning the routes, make sure you keep cars to one side of the road that way on later routes you can use the other side of the road and not wreck.

Understand the Cars

Understand what cars are fast and which ones are slow.

Understand what cars are fast and which ones are slow.

Eventually you’ll be able to mix the speeds of the cars with the routes and the rest of the environment so that you’re able to take shortcuts in between buildings when you’re driving certain cars and you’re also know when you need to stick to the roads.

Cars a drive too fast or very difficult to slide between two buildings and they’re also very difficult to maneuver around other obstacles. With these you’re better off sticking to the streets.

When you get in a truck or a large vehicle they go slower you’re able to do turn easier and pick up short cuts and time bonus icons.

Use Turbo Wisely

You'll want to use Turbo in wide open areas.

You’ll want to use Turbo in wide open areas.

When you use the turbo special boost, you’re going to go faster but you have less traction which means less control. Use this when you’re in a vehicle that you know you’re going to stay on the road and when your route is generally one you can stay on the road.

If you know that you’re going to need to turn multiple times and you’re going to have to also avoid 10 other vehicles you’ve already put on the map, using turbo might actually be slower because you’ll hit something and end up driving very slow car.

Personally, I like to use Turbo when I am on straightaways and in the middle of a pack of routes that I have a few cars to deal with but I don’t have a lot of them to get in my way.

Know When You Need Traction

Use Traction when roads are crowded and you need better control.

Use Traction when roads are crowded and you need better control.

Now the opposite of the turbo boost is traction. When you choose to use traction you have way more control of the vehicle and you can more easily turn between buildings zip over to the right to left to pick up a time bonus but you’ll go slower.

The best time to use these is when you’re going to need to perform multiple turns your route is going to take you either through buildings over bridges through an area where you can maneuver correctly to pick up time bonuses but not when you’re crunched for time because you will go slower.

Sometimes this is very handy to use at the end of a level when you have 10 to 15 other cars that you need to deal with on the map already with more control you can quickly avoid an oncoming collision.

Rewind with Grace

Don't remwind to often.

Don’t rewind to often.

If you crash for screw up your route, you can rewind and start over. This is really handy if you struck the route really bad at the beginning of the route. But you don’t want to rewind multiple times for one row.

For instance, if you crash towards the end of your route it’s going to take less time for you to simply drive across the finish line than it is to rewind, lose one second, and then do the router over.

On the upside, there does not appear to be a limit on the number of rewinds you can use other than the time you have left on the mat.

Test Your Turns

One of the hardest part about Does Not Commute is when you’re coming at yourself on the map and so left and right are reversed. Instead of waiting till last second to figure out which way the directions are, you can go left or right quickly after you take off to learn the correct direction to go.

After extended play you should pick up which way you need to turn, but when you are starting out this is an easy way to make sure you always turn the right direction.

Go for the Extra Time Often

Go for the time bonus anytime one is near.

Go for the time bonus anytime one is near.

It is tempting to go for the finish line right out of the gate, but there are multiple advantages to going for the bonus time icons on the map.

If you are positioned near one of these, a route that takes you off-road or to a different street will make sure that the main roads are not as clogged up, and will simplify later routes when time is short.

The other bonus, of course, is that you will be able to go further in the game. the best advice we can give you is to always go for the bonus time that is nearby. Even if it takes an extra 5 seconds you will come out 5 seconds ahead. Don’t forget to hit all the bonus time when you go to the next level either.

Go Pro to Unlock CheckPoints

If you want to get to more cities you should consider going pro so you can use checkpoints.

If you want to get to more cities you should consider going pro so you can use checkpoints.

Although this game is free, there is a very good reason to pay $2 to unlock the pro version. The pro version of Does Not Commute includes checkpoints. With a check point you don’t need to start over at the first city every time you play.

This will quickly solve the frustration of losing 3 cities in and then starting over at the beginning of the game, even if it is good practice and can help you end up with more time in later levels.

Does Not Commute Cheats and Hacks

It is tempting to look for Does Not Commute cheats and Does Not Commute Hacks to get farther in the game, but you will end up wasting time and giving away personal information if you aren’t careful.

Be wary of Does Not Commute Hacks.

Be wary of Does Not Commute Hacks.

The first Does Not Commute hack that we found promises unlimited time and no ads in the game. When you attempt to download the Does Not Commute hack you must first fill out a survey or complete an offer. We did not share our personal information to use this tool, but generally this is a sign that the tool will not work. It is a good idea to avoid signing up for surveys and offers just to get more time in a game.

On Android it is possible to use a Hex editor to increase the time on your game using a walk-through on Moba Games Unlimited, but this may not work for all users. Without the timer, there is not a lot of point to the game.



  1. Jered K,

    11/12/2015 at 12:06 pm

    I found a REAL working cheat here:

    It worked for me… Hope it helps!

  2. Duds

    08/13/2016 at 8:01 am

    Another tip is to look for shortcuts using the ramps and different levels to get directly to the goal instead of just keeping to the roads. Unlocking the Practice mode power up makes a huge difference because it allows you to practice routes over and over without a time penalty. But you have to make sure you also check for other cars which appear as “ghosts” in practice mode – but can take you out when you turn it off.
    The Armour power up is slow to accelerate and cumbersome in turns but can protect your vehicle in crowded routes or when driving through narrow streets.

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