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9 iPad Pro Release Date Tips



If In Doubt, Go for 128GB

If In Doubt, Go for 128GB

Apple sells the iPad Pro in two storage sizes: 32GB and 128GB. Many of you will be able to get by with the smaller (and cheaper) iPad Pro but the 128GB is going to be the safer choice for the long-term. 

If you plan to use the iPad Pro strictly as a media device (watching movies/playing games), you might be able to get by on 32GB. Just remember that games, apps and other files can take up space quickly. We filled up our 32GB iPad Air 2 in just a few short weeks. 

If you plan to do more than that, the 128GB is worth a look. If you plan on editing 4K video (one of the features Apple is touting) or if you plan to do CAD work on the iPad Pro, you'll probably want the more expensive iPad Pro. 

$150 extra buys you more storage and it also buys you peace of mind

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