According to Boingo Wireless- iPad is #2 WiFi Device

Boingo Wireless is a great service providing wi-fi access to thousands of hotspots and airports around the country.  It just works.  I have used it many times when I travel and have been thankful I coughed up the extra few dollars.  People connect their laptops, netbooks, iPods and iPhones using Boingo every day.

Well, according to a post over at MediaBistro, the number one connected device on Boingo’s network is the iPhone, the number two…is the iPad.

Apple’s iPhone is the #1 device found using Boingo’s wireless service in airports. It accounts for almost 90% of of non-notebook devices using Boingo’s WiFi. But, look what turned up as the #2 device:

iPad Now Second Most Popular Mobile Wi-Fi Device in Boingo Airports

The iPad accounted for 5.4% of non-notebook device connections. And, check out what came in after it.

Apple’s Latest Market Changer Surpasses Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

So, the distribution of device WiFi use on Boingo’s airport network looks like this:

~90% iPhone
5.4% iPad
2.5% Android
Less than 2% BlackBerry
Less than 2% iPod touch
Less than 1% Windows Mobile

For a device that has been out for less than a week, all I can say is damn.  And to Boingo’s infrastructure team, time to do a network upgrade!