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Adobe Brings Photoshop to a Pocket Near You



Having long been available for Android and iPad tablets, Adobe is now bringing its Photoshop Touch photo editing program to the smartphone. Now, Photoshop Touch for Phone will be available for Android smartphones and to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. With a download cost of $5 via Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google’s Play Store, Photoshop Touch for Phone brings many of the important editing features of Photoshop to the smartphone space.

photoThe move may be welcomed by mobile photographers who would rather eschew their computers and do all their work on their phones. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more professional photographers rely on their smartphones for photography work to shoot wedding and even magazine images, and movies. Thanks to better camera sensors and the convenience of always having a camera with you as you’re always with your smartphone, camera phone photography has been booming.

The mobile photo editing app will also allow users to directly share their post-production edits to social media and email their finished results to others. Adobe’s Creative Cloud will also be present to allow users up to 2 GB of storage.

Unfortunately, though, you’ll need a pretty modern smartphone to access the Photoshop Touch for Phone app. On the Apple side, you’ll need an iPhone 4S or better or a fifth-generation iPod Touch or newer. On Android, the minimum is Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now, it looks like not only can the next magazine cover be shot using an Android or iPhone camera, but the cover can be airbrushed and edited using the same phone. With these editing capabilities, it looks like the Galaxy Note 2 with the S-Pen may stand out as this will give you a more precise tool–than just merely using your fingers–to perform those edits.

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