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Adobe Helps Developers Build Ads for iOS With Flash Conversion Tools



As the iOS platform currently doesn’t support Flash, developers who are using Flash tools to create ads are locked out of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads. Given the popularity of those devices, Adobe is looking to still capitalize on that market by helping Flash developers convert their Flash content to the iOS platform via the Wallaby conversion tool. With Wallaby, developers can easily migrate their Flash work into HTML5.

The conversion tool was first demonstrated at Adobe’s Adobe MAX conference. The product itself is workable, but rough, and requires developers to add codes post-conversion to create an interactive HTML5 experience that mimics the original Flash-created work.

Wallaby will convert Flash content to HTML5, Javascript, and CSS files, and most of your Flash work will get converted. A logging tool will notify developers of the elements that didn’t get converted, which includes video tags and audio. According to Adobe, “Developers can add interactivity after the conversion using JQuery and JavaScript.”

Wallaby is built on Adobe Air so it will work for developers who use either a PC or Mac to create their content. The goal of Wallaby at the start was to help developers who create Flash ads to port their ads to the iPhone and iPad, though HTML5 generated content from conversion will work on any Webkit-based mobile browser, including the native Android browser.


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