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ADT Go App Takes Security Beyond the Home



ADT is a brand everyone knows when it comes to home security, but what about when you or your family aren’t home? That’s where the new ADT Go fits in, announced at CES 2018. ADT Go takes the company’s years of expertise and uses it to connect and protect families wherever life takes them.

Created in partnership with locator and communication tool Life360, ADT Go is a free app that delivers tons of basic features for keeping you and your family safe. Then, there’s a premium version with real-time SOS Emergency response teams.

It’s basically tight security and monitoring for when you or your kids leave the house. From family member check-ins, driving habits and locations, geo-fencing, crash detection and more. This is the ultimate tool for keeping tabs on your teenagers or to at least make sure they’re using good habits when they’re not home. Check out our hands-on video below, then keep reading for more details.

As you can see, ADT Go is an all-in-one app that covers a little of everything. The main focus is a map for live tracking, location data, and keeping tabs on your family members. However, it offers a lot more than that. You can check crime data in the location your kids are in or are even heading. The kids can check-in when they reach a destination, giving parents peace of mind.

Here’s a list of the many features you can get today with the ADT Go app on Android or iOS. This is on top of 24/7 live assistance and emergency response.

  • SOS Emergency Response: Access to 24/7 emergency response from ADT’s live monitoring agents, providing peace of mind knowing ADT is there for your family around the clock when they’re away from home.
  • Family Connectivity: Simplify communication with family location sharing, private messaging, activity history, and battery life alerts.
  • Safety Assistance: Automatic notifications when loved ones arrive or depart from designated places like home, work or school. Driver safety alerts notify family automatically when a crash is detected, dispatches emergency services and stays on the line until help arrives as well as provides extended roadside assistance for minor accident support.
  • Crime Awareness: Local crime data with happenings from your community, where available

We especially like the driving habits it tracks, although your children won’t like it. ADT Go watches over their shoulder at all times. The app we saw at CES tracked drivers and took notice each time they touched their cell phone while driving, how fast they were going, top speeds, or if at any moment the driver engaged in hard braking. Like if they weren’t paying attention or used the phone too much.

Realistically, kids shouldn’t be on the phone at all while they drive, and now you know if they are or not. This lets parents teach their kids about safe habits, especially while on the road. That’s on top of the other safety and peace of mind options built-in.

Another key aspect of ADT Go is the SOS Emergency Response. There’s a continuously present SOS button inside the app, visible everywhere, that instantly gives you or your child access to emergency services. If there’s an emergency or they’re in trouble, holding the SOS screen will get first responders on the way. To prevent accidental taps and other false-alarms, you’ll have to press and hold until the SOS circle completes.

The app will then try to contact the person to confirm. If there’s no response, they’ll send emergency services too. It’s basically a win-win when it comes to keeping tabs on the family, keeping everyone safe, and having steps to take in case of an emergency all-in-one.

In closing, the ADT GO app is available now for Android and iPhone, and it’s free for 90 days. Within the next three months, the company will likely announce additional features and some sort of premium or payment plan. Keep in mind that anyone can use this, at least right now. You don’t have to be an ADT customer of any kind. So, if you’re looking to keep better tabs on your family, give it a try today.

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