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Agilix is Still in the Tablet PC Technology Game



GoCourseSeveral weeks ago, I wrote a five year anniversary article looking Tablet PC software companies. One of the companies that seemed to have dropped out of the scene altogether was Agilix.  Most folks know Agilix by GoBinder, a notetaking application they brought to market 3 – 4 years ago. While they have not updated GoBinder in several years, I have since learned that Agilix is still playing ball in the Tablet PC space by making ink a key feature of other mobile products they are bringing to market in the education space.

Last week, I had the privilege of following up with Mark Calkins and Jim Ericson, both Vice Presidents of Marketing at Agilix, and we talked a lot about GoCourse, a distributed instructional  and course management application which is capable of delivery multiple medium types: video, audio, pdf’s, Word docs, etc. I’m not going to spend a great deal of time going over all the in’s and out’s of GoCourse, except to say that those involved in distributed learning really need to take a hard look at what Agilix is offering here. The authoring, instructional, and student features of GoCourse look to be a very compelling solution. Be sure to  checkout the GoCourse product page and watch their interactive tour – it is chock full of information that is too detailed for me to go over here. On my list of to-do’s is to talk with our local homeschool study center, Collegium Study Center, about GoCourse.

GoCourse Tablet PC Notetaking So, what about the Tablet PC features? Well, Agilix still recognizes that many students and instructors use Tablet PCs, so they implemented their InfiNotes notetaking control throughout their Notetaking features, as was implemented in GoBinder. In addition to the regular notetaking features, Agilix also supports ink in Speed Notetaker, a small notetaking GoCourse app that sits in the system tray, much like OneNote’s SideNote. In addition, instructors get ink support in Speed Grader, which allows the instructor to quickly grade the student’s paper, mark it up in ink, and more. Those in the distributed learning space looking for Tablet PC enabled solutions should add Agilix to your list.

Agilix is going to set me up with a demo of their soon-to-be-released GoCourse 2.0, and I’ll demonstrate GoCourse in much more detail, including the ink feature set.


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