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WIPTE 2008: Tablet PCs and Education

The Workshop on the Impact of Pen-Based Technology on Education (WIPTE) is a great conference opportunity for those in education with an interest in Tablets a...
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Those who have been around Tablet PCs the past four to five years can remember growing out of a single forum thread from
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Going Mobile Down By The Bay

I remember being in high school and being totally envious of smart kids like those from Amador Valley High School. They have formed a Robotics club to work on...
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PDF Annotator Priced For Students

If you have a son or daughter going off to college or if you are in college yourself, don't miss PDF Annotator for Students for $29.90. It's the full Version 2...
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Getting tech into students’ hands.

Loyal GBM reader Steve asks, "Since you. . .seem to have used tablets in education, why aren't more students carrying these things, and how do we get tablets i...
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HP Deploys 7,000 Mini-Notes to Schools

HP announced today a large scale deployment of the HP 2133 Mini-Note to the Fresno (Calif) United School District. The 7,000 Mini-Notes are going to kids in K...