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Airbnb Launches Android App, Mobile Site



Airbnb is introducing an all-new Android app that lets users rent and book non-traditional rooms. Airbnb is designed to provide travelers with alternatives to hotels and to help hosts pay their rent or mortgage.  The service launched an iPhone app quite some time ago, but Android users were left out in the cold.

Users can use the app to snap pictures of their rental spaces and post complete listings. The can also manage their calendars and communicate with prospective renters.  Those looking for a place to crash can use the Airbnb Android app to browse, search and book rentals.

The Airbnb Android app saves information locally, which means you won’t have to tap into expensive international data networks when traveling abroad to look up your itinerary.

While this new app is of course a welcome addition to the Android platform, it’s yet another example of developers putting iPhone users first. While the paint is still wet on the Airbnb Android app, the iPhone version of the app has more than 500,000 downloads since launching over a year ago. More Android phones are sold than iPhones in the U.S., but Android users are often left out in the cold as developers prioritize iOS development over other platforms.

As if to illustrate this point intentionally, Airbnb posted a video that shows the making of its iPhone app on its blog post announcing its Android app.

Those who want to skip downloading the Airbnb Android or iPhone apps can now simply visit with their phones’ mobile browsers for a mobile-optimized version of the rental service.


You can find the Airbnb Android app in the Android Market or on Airbnb’s mobile site.



  1. Top Airbnb script

    01/19/2012 at 2:31 am

    Thanks for the useful update. It is really great to hear that Airbnb has
    launched its mobile version. It should also expand its service availability to
    countries apart from United States. By this, many customers can get cheap
    vacation rental homes at affordable cost. In future, we can expect many online
    giants to launch its mobile version because mobile phones are the hotspot for
    information sharing!

  2. Airbnb script

    03/27/2012 at 6:00 am

    Great Work!!! I am very happy to see mobile version in airbnb …This version will be more useful in¬†future…I hope that airbnb will extend throughout all the countries soon.I am waiting for airbnb mobile versions growth..

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