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All-New Arlo Video Doorbell Shows More of Your Front Door



The new Arlo Video Doorbell is a Ring competitor that delivers a bigger view of your front porch, integrates with the Arlo security cameras and packs in impressive smart features that promise to set it apart from the competition.

Arlo’s two major features that set it apart are the 180 degree 1:1 field of view that shows more of your front door and a direct to your phone video call when someone rings the doorbell to connect you faster when someone is at the door.

The new Arlo Video Doorbell is $149.99 and it goes up for pre-order this week at Arlo and Best Buy. This is what you need to know about the Arlo Video Doorbell. This is not the Arlo Audio Doorbell that’s been on the market for some time, it’s a new video doorbell that competes directly with Ring and Nest.

The new Arlo Video Doorbell is $149.99 and pairs up with your Arlo cameras.

The new Arlo Video Doorbell is $149.99 and pairs up with your Arlo cameras.

This wireless doorbell connects to an existing doorbell, which is where it gets power from. It connects wirelessly to stream video and deliver notifications. There is no battery here, so this is designed to replace a traditional powered doorbell, which many homes have.

As you can see in the image below, the Arlo Video Doorbell uses a square video format, similar to what you see on Instagram. This wide-angle view lets you see higher and lower than most doorbell cameras.

Arlo Video Doorbell view compared to the competition.

Arlo Video Doorbell view compared to the competition.

Like any video doorbell, you get motion detection and alerts when the doorbell senses someone or something at your door. One of the things that is different is that the Arlo Video Doorbell calls your phone with a video call when someone rings the doorbell. Instead of a push notification that you need to tap on and wait to connect to, you can simply pick up a call from your door. This may mean the difference in talking to a delivery person and catching them driving away. You can also set up quick reply messages that you can use to send to visitors when you can’t talk.

This video doorbell delivers HD video with HDR and there is Night Vision so you can see even when there isn’t a porchlight on. The camera allows you to zoom in when you are on a call.

Users get a three month trial of Arlo Smart, which includes 30 days of recordings in the cloud, notification settings that break out the type by people, animals, vehicles or packages. The smart features also include e911 support, so you can connect with emergency services at your home’s location, not your location.

Another feature that stands out is the ability to turn on a silent mode that disables push notifications and turns off the chime. This is something that new parents will appreciate or if you work nights and don’t want to be interrupted while sleeping. This is an excellent option that more video doorbells should add.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is weather resistant to handle heat, cold, rain, snow and sun. If someone attempts to remove the doorbell, it can be set up to trigger a siren.

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