Altius Rumored to Be Samsung Galaxy Watch

A new set of screenshots has emerged showing the Samsung Galaxy Altius branding along with a curious 500 X 500-pixel square resolution leading some to speculate that the device in question may be a Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung has recently expanded its Galaxy lineup to include smartphones, phablets, tablets, digital note-taking tablets like the Note series, and an Android-powered camera so there could be a new watch product category emerging from Samsung’s South Korea headquarters.


Screenshots of the rumored watch’s UI have been posted onĀ SamMobile.

The screenshot shows that the device in question may be part of Korean operator SK Telecom’s offering as it bears the ‘SKT’ logo at the top. The next indicator appears to be a WiFi reception indicator, suggesting that the device will either need to be paired to a phone or have access to a WiFi hotspot for connectivity.

Additionally, there’s also reference to the AltiusOS. At this time, it’s unclear what the AltiusOS would be or would encompass. It’s unclear even if this Galaxy smartwatch, if true, would run Android OS and have an AltiusOS touch UI overlay or if it’s an entirely proprietary AltiusOS. Samsung itself makes mobile devices running a multitude of OSes, including Windows Phone, Android, Tizen, and Bada. Adding Altius to the lineup may be yet another OS for developers to target.


When Motorola debuted its MOTO ACTV smart fitness watch, the device used a highly restricted and custom version of the Android OS. It’s unclear if Samsung will follow this path with AltiusOS.

Interestingly, though the OS appears to be a hybrid of Windows Phone with the Metro UI along with the leaked Sense 5.0 UI. The OS shows tiles on the homescreen, which appear large enough for touch, but the tiles are flat and not 3D. The minimalist monochrome appearance seems to be a drastic departure from the colorful TouchWiz UI that’s present on Samsung tablets, phones, and cameras.


Apple itself has been rumored to have already begun testing a smart watch and if Samsung enters this category, it will be another arena where the two tech giants will compete against each other.