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Amazon Giving Away Apps, Music, & eBooks With Android Purchases



Amazon’s phone and tablet center, Amazon Wireless, is offering an extra incentive to buy your next Android phone or tablet from them. The retailer will throw in $15 worth of vouchers for purchases in the Amazon Appstore, Amazon MP3, and the Kindle store.

Good from now through October, buyers will get $5 to use  for each of the three services. This will apply to any Android phone or tablet, but it must be purchased through Amazon Wireless – not

For those new to Amazon’s cellular offerings, the retailer’s wireless division can offer some impressive discounts. Some may remember their selling the HTC Thunderbolt for over $50 less than everyone else during the phone’s launch.

Current deals include the 4G Droid Charge for $130, and the Droid Incredible 2 for a penny (both deals with 2-year agreements, of course). By comparison, the Charge sells for $300 at Best Buy, with the Incredible 2 being marketed for $150 at the same place. Add $15 worth of digital content to AmazonWireless’ already attention-grabbing deals, and you just may have found the vendor of your next Android device.

With deals like this, Amazon could be giving us a hint at the kind of approach they’ll be taking with their upcoming Android tablet. The retail giant is known for rock-bottom deals, so if their tablet combines the sleek form factor of the Kindle with deals on extra digital content (like this one) on top of competitive pricing, we could see the first non-iPad tablet to make a commercial splash.

Either way, if you’ve been eyeing any Android phones or tablets, check out (details about the promo here) for the deal. Just be sure to purchase from AmazonWireless, not directly from


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