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Amazon Instant Android App Release “Imminent”



The Amazon Instant Android app is almost here according to a new report citing an Amazon executive. Amazon Prime includes Instant Video with access to a vast library of streaming movies At no extra charge, but there is still no Amazon Instant Android app.

Amazon Instant Video is available on Kindle Fire devices and on the iPhone and iPad, but for the longest time there was no Amazon Instant Android app, or even talk of when Amazon would offer an Instant Video Android app to users.

A new report indicates Amazon is ready to deliver an Amazon Instant Android app to users that will deliver Prime subscribers full access to the Instant Video library on Android smartphones and tablets.

The Amazon Instant Android app is on the way according to an Amazon executive.

The Amazon Instant Android app is on the way according to an Amazon executive.

Although there is no Google Play Store Amazon Instant Android download option yet, we should see it soon. Russell Morris, Marketing Director at Amazon Instant Video, revealed the Amazon Instant Android release is “Imminent.” 

Speaking with PC Advisor at an Amazon Christmas preview event in London this week Morris made it clear that there is an Amazon Instant Android app and Prime subscribers will soon be able to user it to watch Amazon Instant Videos on Android.

Morris would not offer a specific Amazon Instant Android release date, nor would he confirm that this will work with smartphones and tablets. There is hope for support on multiple devices as the Amazon Instant app for iOS works on iPhone and Android.

Part of the reasons Amazon held back on an Amazon Instant Android app may be to drive consumers to the Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HD tablets. Amazon is in the process of launching the Kindle Phone with access to Amazon Instant Videos, running on a modified version of Android.

The Amazon Instant Android release could tempt more users to switch from Netflix to Amazon instant video, as the movies and TV shows that the two services offer are very similar, other than Netflix Originals like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

An official Amazon Instant Android app is good news for users who up until now are left trying hacks to make the web version or other apps deliver Amazon Instant Android access. If you use an older Android device that is not on Android 4.4, this trick may let you watch Amazon Instant video without waiting for an official Amazon Instant Android app.

News of an Amazon Instant Android app release comes shortly after Amazon announced a deal to deliver many HBO originals as part of the Instant Video service.

Amazon Instant Video is part of the Amazon Prime account that also includes access to music, free two-day shipping and discounted overnight shipping. Amazon Prime is $99 for a year membership, including the Instant video streaming. This is $4 more a year than Netflix, and it includes shipping and other benefits that Netflix does not offer.

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