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Amazon Offers 50GB of Storage Free with Some Android Phones



Amazon is offering a holiday deal for anyone buying Android phones. They’re offering Amazon Cloud Drive storage. That normally gives users 5GB of free storage to anyone who signs up for an Amazon account, but they’ll bump that total to 50GB for one year after customers buy a qualifying Android phone.

Users can download a Cloud Drive app for their Android device and sync files across devices as well as back them up to the drive. Amazon also offers the sync app for their desktop or notebook computer, iPhone/iPad, Kindle and Android. The desktop app lets users easily move files to their Cloud Drive. Get access on the new phone via the app. To get more details about Amazon Cloud Drive, see their info page at Amazon.

amazon 50gb free storage



The phones advertised include 106 options, like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Motorola Moto X, LG G2 and the HTC One. They also offer some very inexpensive phones like the Galaxy S3 and HTC One Mini for only a cent each. The off-contract prices look just as high as they normally do, so they’re not putting the steep discounts on those.

Amazon wants their Cloud Drive service to compete with services like DropBox, SugarSync, Google Drive or Box. Amazon Cloud Drive doesn’t work as well as these others, but 50 free gigabytes of storage on a phone that a user might buy anyways adds a nice perk. Don’t get the phone from Amazon just for the storage.

Amazon says this storage lets users store thousands of images. Users can stream videos that last up to 20 minutes. Don’t plan to store TV shows and Movies on the drive unless they’re broken up into smaller segments. You can add documents to get another place to backup files.

To get the deal do the following before midnight PST on Dec. 31:

  1. Find the phone to buy among their list of phones and add it to the Amazon shopping cart.
  2. Choose Proceed to Checkout and buy the phone, which adds 2 years to the user’s contract for either a new or upgrade unless the buyer pays full price.
  3. Amazon will add the 50GB of storage to the buyer’s account automatically within 10 days and Amazon will send an email confirming the extra storage.

Remember a few things before using the extra storage. After one year Amazon will charge for another year or stop allowing the user to get access to their content, dropping total storage down to the 5GB of free storage. The buyer will receive notice to prepare for this new charge, letting the user cancel. Read the fine print at Amazon.

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1 Comment

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