Amazon Whispersync for Voice Syncs Audible Books With Kindle Books
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Amazon Whispersync for Voice Syncs Audible Books With Kindle Books



Amazon finally has a way for readers to sync their audiobooks between devices, and even sync audiobooks with ebooks for a better reading experience.

The new Whispersync for Voice syncs the location of an Audible audiobook through the service’s mobile apps. The feature makes it easy for users with multiple devices sync their location in an audiobook without having to seek through the files themselves. It’s great for listening to books on a tablet then syncing the location and picking it up again on a smartphone.

Whispersync for Voice does more than just sync audiobooks between devices, however, it also syncs the location of Kindle Books. Users can now sync their location between the Audible and Kindle version of select books easily. The service works automatically, or users can engage Whispersync manually to sync to the furthest location in either version of the book.

The new feature isn’t available on every book, but it is available on several recent high-profile books. Amazon makes the feature more appealing with discounts.

After users buy the Kindle version of the book, they receive a discount on the Audible version (users need to link their Amazon account to Audible for the discount to apply). It’d be nice to buy a bundle of the two versions, but this method works for now. The prices could be a lot lower, but there is a lot of work involved in putting together an audiobook, so the extra cost isn’t surprising.

Whispersync for Voice shines in the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD with the Immersion Reading feature which plays the audiobook and flips pages in the Kindle book at the same time. When Amazon first announced the feature, we were afraid it would only work with Kindle devices, but we’re glad to see that it works with Audible and Kindle apps on Android and iPhone as well.



  1. Bryan Sheasby (@Bryansix)

    02/25/2013 at 8:23 pm

    So do you basically have to own both versions? Having just the audible book is not enough?

    • Brian P. Kayser

      05/31/2013 at 6:00 am

      You do need both versions, but currently most titles are actually cheaper to purchase both the Kindle and the Audio as a bundle. Check out my blog article for more info on this. Plus, many… many… books now have Whispersync for audio available. I’m an independent author and they did it on mine automatically. So even the “small time” books are getting it!!

      Trick to get huge audio book discounts:

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