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Android: 130 Million Devices Worldwide, 550,000 Activations Daily



It’s no secret that Android is on a meteoric rise in the mobile world and today’s numbers from Google’s second quarter earnings call only solidify what we’ve already know. The numbers? They are absolutely mind boggling. Google’s Android platform now boasts an army of approximately 130 million devices worldwide and the software is seeing 550,00 devices activated daily.

Droid X2

Back in May, the company revealed that there were 100 million devices running Android which means that over the course of a little more than two months, Google has added 30 million more devices to its stable.

The activations are also an increase from the 500,000 activations that Andy Rubin announced back in June and way up from the 400,000 activation amount that Google paraded around at Google I/O.

Apple, Google’s biggest competition, stated that it had 200 million devices worldwide which means that Google still has some catching up to do, specifically in the tablet department. But once Android offers a tablet that can truly rival the iPad’s dominance, expect Android’s  numbers to become a lot closer to those of Apple’s

Via: Business Insider




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