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Android 4.3 Features and Update Details Revealed



Google announced Android 4.3 today with new parental controls, smarter Bluetooth connectivity, the tools to deliver amazing looking mobile games on Android, support for 1080P HD movie streaming and much more.

Android 4.3 will ship on the new Nexus 7 tablet which is already on sale at Best Buy and should arrive in stores next week. The Android 4.3 update for the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus will start rolling out today. The Android 4.3 update will hit the Google Play Edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 soon.

Google shared a collection of new Android 4.3 features, some of which we shared last week. Google also announced a new set of Google Play apps and an easier way to find apps made for tablets.

Multi-User with Restricted Profile

Parents will love Android 4.3's restricted accounts that turn off in-app purchases for kids.

Parents will love Android 4.3’s restricted accounts that turn off in-app purchases for kids.

This new feature lets users lock down an account which gains special privileges. Users can lock down an account for a child. This allows parents to completely lock out in-app purchases and can give app access on a per-app basis. Google also

Bluetooth Smart & Bluetooth 4.0  

Bluetooth 4.0 in Android 4.3 offers many connectivity options for accessories.

Bluetooth 4.0 in Android 4.3 offers many connectivity options for accessories.

Users can now pair the Android tablet or smartphone to Bluetooth 4.0 accessories. Google showed off a heart-rate monitor from Runtastic on stage. This should open up the market to other fitness accessories.

OpenGL ES 3.0

Android 4.3 gaming demo.

Android 4.3 gaming demo.

This is the latest industry standard which raises the bar for photo realistic graphics. Google claims it is the first to deliver this and that it will open up amazing opportunities for Android gaming. The images above and below show the added detail and complex graphics this allows.

Graphics in Android 4.3.

Graphics in Android 4.3.

1080P HD Movies

The Netflix app on Android 4.3 streams in 1080P.

The Netflix app on Android 4.3 streams in 1080P.

Android 4.3 delivers a new set of DRM restrictions that allows for 1080P HD streaming. The first app to support this is Netflix for Android 4.3 which streams in 1080P to the new Nexus 7 and soon to other devices.

Many More new Android 4.3 Features

A collection of new Android 4.3 features.

A collection of new Android 4.3 features.

Google spent a little bit of time talking about other Android 4.3 features on stage, many of which are shown above. Google will post a full list of new Android 4.3 features online later today, which should shed more light on the update.

The Android 4.3 update is rolling out to many Google Nexus devices today, and should roll out to other devices like the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and more in the future.

The new Nexus 7 is the first device to ship with Android 4.3. We could see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 arrive as the first non-Nexus device to ship with these features.



  1. Opa

    07/24/2013 at 12:45 pm

    Any 4.3 love for my Galaxy nexus?

  2. horlufemi

    07/28/2013 at 9:19 am

    you are very nice n stupid, if she really makes $82/hr im sure you will keep it to yourself. read a book and stop spamming.

  3. trob6969

    08/12/2013 at 2:38 am

    1080p streaming? I thought I was already getting that. The Netflix movies I watch on my S4 are so crisp and clear, im curious to see how much clearer they’ll be with Android 4.3.

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