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Android 4.3 & Nexus 7 2 Launch: What Not to Expect



Tomorrow, Google is widely expected to launch a new Android update dubbed Android 4.3 and a new Nexus 7 tablet currently dubbed the Nexus 7 2. Ahead of the event, it’s time to take a look at what not to expect from the company’s event.

In May, Google hosted its annual developer conference, Google I/O, in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The company, in previous years, debuted new Android software and new Nexus hardware. Android 4.3 and a new Nexus 7 had been rumored for Google I/O but the event ended without anything other than a new Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition for consumers.

Read: Android 4.3 & Nexus 7 2 Launch: What to Expect.

Google will replace the Nexus 7 tomorrow it seems.

Google will replace the Nexus 7 tomorrow it seems.

The lack of announcements led many to wonder whether Google would release an update ahead of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or if it would replace the Nexus 7 on the Google Play Store. As it turns out, a new Android update and a new Nexus 7 are very likely and rumor has it that they will be announced at Google’s event scheduled for tomorrow in San Francisco.

Last week, after weeks of Android 4.3 and Nexus 7 2 rumors, Google finally made its move. The company sent out media invites for a breakfast in San Francisco with Android and Chrome head, Sundar Pichai. The invitations did not specify what would be announced at the event but it’s clear as day that the new Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 will headline the event.

How do we know this? Simple. The flood gates have opened recently and Nexus 7 2 and Android 4.3 leaks have flown non-stop, revealing just about every piece of vital information in regards to the new tablet and Android update. While we still have to wait until tomorrow for the official information, it’s abundantly clear that we’ll see Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 soon.

And while much of the focus has been on the products themselves, we want to put the event itself into the spotlight. Here, we take a look at what consumers should not expect from Google’s launch event tomorrow in San Francisco.

Nexus 7 2 Surprises

At this point, every single Nexus 7 2 stone has been turned over including features, price, and release date. So at this point, the launch tomorrow is essentially going to just confirm anything that we already know.

That means a Nexus 7 2 with a 7-inch display with 1920 x 1200 resolution, quad-core processor, 5MP rear camera, slim design, and 4G LTE data speeds. That means a Nexus 7 2 that checks in with a price tag that is $30 more expensive than the current Nexus 7. Rumors have all but confirmed a $230 and $280 price tag for the new Nexus 7. And that means a release date in late July with July 30th being likely.

The Nexus 7 2 rumors have left very little to the imagination.

The Nexus 7 2 rumors have left very little to the imagination.

And while there is still a chance that we could see something new or different emerge, the chances are extremely thin and we expect these rumors to hold up tomorrow when Google announces the new Nexus 7.

Don’t expect surprises, folks. This is an Android launch after all.

Android 4.3 Killer Feature

Like the Nexus 7 2, we’ve seen Android 4.3 leak out ahead of schedule. The leaks have allowed developers and Android enthusiasts pick apart the software ahead of the announcement.

So far, Android 4.3 appears to be an incremental update to Android Jelly Bean, meaning it won’t be Key Lime Pie. It’s also clear that the software does have some new features on board including Bluetooth LE, font changes, tweaks to the stock camera app, possible battery life improvements and fixes for various bugs.

Android 4.3 will introduce new Emoji.

Android 4.3 will introduce new Emoji.

Android users and enthusiasts should expect all of those and as a whole, they represent a fairly decent update. However, what consumers should not expect is a killer Android 4.3 feature, something that blows the previous versions of Jelly Bean out of the water.

Yes, Google could have hidden something from view but given how deep developers have been digging within Android 4.3, it’s a long shot.

Nexus 11 or Nexus 5

Consumers who aren’t plugged in to the mobile world might be hoping for some surprises at the event tomorrow, perhaps a Nexus 10 successor or a new Nexus smartphone. Don’t expect either one to arrive.

There have been rumors suggesting that Google may be developing a new Nexus 11 tablet and a Nexus 5 smartphone. And while those could definitely be real, they likely won’t launch tomorrow.

The Nexus 4 is part of Google's new focus on design and build quality.

Don’t expect a Nexus 5 tomorrow.

For one, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 aren’t even a year old yet as they both launched in November. In addition, Nexus devices tend to leak out numerous times before launch as we saw with the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4. We haven’t seen a Nexus 11 or Nexus 5 leak out and that’s a sign that their launches are likely far off in the distance.

Don’t expect other Android products that overshadow the Nexus 7 2.

Zero Pre-Orders

It’s looking like Google may be announcing the Nexus 7 2 in close proximity to its release date. That might mean that Google itself may not take pre-orders for the Nexus 7 2 and instead let the hype play out into the device’s release date later in the month. However, considering the late July release, we would be surprised to see retailers refuse to take pre-orders ahead of its launch.

Instead, we expect retailers like OfficeMax and Best Buy take reservations for the Nexus 7 2 ahead of its arrival even if Google doesn’t announce a pre-order for the device.

Specific Android 4.3 Release Dates

While we do expect Google to relay most of the pertinent information in regards to the Nexus 7 2 release date, pricing and features, we do expect Google to hold back a bit on the specifics regarding the Android 4.3 release date.

Don't expect specific Android 4.3 release dates for some devices.

Don’t expect specific Android 4.3 release dates for some devices.

Devices like the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 will get the Android 4.3 update but we don’t expect Google to announce specific roll out dates for both. Instead, we expect either a broad “later this week or month” or just confirmation that the devices will get the software.

Same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which we expect to get the update. Expect it to get Android 4.3, but don’t expect a specific release date to be revealed, even if the roll out is just a few days away from arrival.

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