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Android 4.3 & White Nexus 4 Rumored for June 10th



Google failed to announce a white Nexus 4 and a new version of Android, thought to be Android 4.3, at yesterday’s Google I/O keynote but it appears that both products could be making their way to shelves in just a few short weeks with a new rumor suggesting that they may arrive together on June 10th.

In the build up to Google I/O 2013, there were an assortment of rumors pertaining to what Google might announce at its yearly developer conference. Included in those rumors were Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, an incremental update to its Jelly Bean operating system and a white Nexus 4 model, a model that has appeared numerous times but has yet to be released.

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A white Nexus 4 could join the current Nexus 4 on June 10th.

A white Nexus 4 with Android 4.3 could join the current Nexus 4 on June 10th.

Neither of those products arrived at Google I/O but it now appears that Google may in fact have them both up its sleeve for the new future with a new rumor suggesting that June 10th might be the day that they two arrive, together, on the Google Play Store.

According to Android and Me, the white Nexus 4 and Android 4.3 will land on June 10th, just a couple of weeks after the keynote at Google I/O. It’s unclear if Google will simply just announce them or if there will be another event to announce the two. Given that Google I/O just took place, another event with Google executives seems unlikely.

The update is still in the shadows but it’s expected to include support for Bluetooth Smart, something that Bluetooth SIG hinted at in an announcement. Other features remain unknown though it’s possible that we could see some new features added. It’s said to be a small update, which likely means that it won’t be the size of either Android 4.1 or Android 4.2 for that matter.

As for the white Nexus 4, all signs have pointed to it being the same exact device as the current Nexus 4 model which comes in black. That is to say it will likely feature a 4.7-inch display, quad-core processor and an extremely cheap unlocked price tag.

If true, the products would go on sale ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus, which Google said would be arriving on June 26th with Android 4.2. Now, it appears that it may arrive with Android 4.3 instead.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Android Fanatic

    05/17/2013 at 12:33 am

    The newer version of android will bring number of tweaks and stuff alongwith new BLUETOOTH SMART which will be the key feature.

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