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Android 4.4.3 Updates Inch Closer to Release



New Android 4.4.3 KitKat updates are inching closer to their release as HTC prepares HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 Android 4.4.3 KitKat updates for arrival behind the scenes.

Last month, HTC started rolling out Android 4.4.3 KitKat updates to its HTC One M8, its current flagship smartphone, and the HTC One M7, the flagship that went on sale last year. The roll outs deliver the crucial Android 4.4.2 KitKat update bug fixes that emerged with Android 4.4.3 KitKat in June and they also come with the Android 4.4.4 KitKat security patch that pushed out at the end of June.

Both the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 Android 4.4.3 KitKat updates are pushing out slowly though it’s clear that HTC is gearing up for a major push in the month of August as it attempts to get its HTC One variants around the world upgraded with the latest and greatest software from Google.

HTC One-Best-Cheap-Phone-June 2014

This week, we’ve seen a few HTC related Android 4.4.3 KitKat details emerge and today, a few more have trickled out. According to HTC ROM developer LlabTooFeR, HTC is planning to push out the HTC One M7 Android 4.4.3 KitKat update to several regions this month. He singles out Italy and Turkey in particular. While the HTC One M7 Android 4.4.3 KitKat update has pushed to the Developer Edition of the device, it still hasn’t pushed out to users in the United States or users with the international variant.

As for the HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 KitKat update, it appears that it’s going to hit at least two more U.S. variants this month. Earlier this week, HTC’s Mo Versi declared that the company was targeting the middle of the month for an AT&T HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 KitKat update approval. A concrete date isn’t known and the testing process is extremely unpredictable. In other words, AT&T HTC One M8 owners need to temper their expectations.

It does appear that another U.S. bound HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 KitKat update is much closer. Versi says that the company is targeting today or Monday for approval for the HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 KitKat upgrade for T-Mobile users and that once approval is given, the company will issue details about the OTA roll out.

While a specific roll out date is not yet known, it’s looking like T-Mobile users are extremely close to their Android 4.4.3 KitKat update and the bug fixes that come along with it.


For the moment, the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 are the only HTC devices getting Android 4.4.3 KitKat. The company hasn’t confirmed the update for any other devices. With an Android L update from Google in the works for later this year, it’s possible that HTC will simply opt to skip Android 4.4.3 KitKat for other devices and move right into Android L.

HTC is just one of several manfacturers making a strong push to deliver Android 4.4.2 KitKat bug fixes to customers. Motorola and Sony are in the midst of a massive Android 4.4.4 KitKat roll out, a roll out that’s already landed for many of their big name smartphones. There are, however, several companies that remain inactive.

LG and Samsung have yet to confirm any Android 4.4.3 KitKat or Android 4.4.4 KitKat upgrade details to their customers. Rumors pointed to Android 4.4.3 KitKat upgrades for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 though the company is still rolling out Android 4.4.2 KitKat updates to users in the United States and elsewhere around the world.

And while LG and Samsung also remain silent about upcoming Android L updates, HTC has confirmed Android L for its HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 within 90 days of Google’s public release.



  1. Joey Smith

    08/02/2014 at 11:34 am

    Forget about it. Let’s leave Samsung, they don’t respect their customers. When it comes to updates, they’re really very slow. I’ve had the same experience that many others explain everywhere, my T Mobile S4 is a piece of crap after it was updated to kitkat 4.4.2 last february 14, 2014, I hate the phone and I’m willing to update it to 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 in order to see if it improves. I wish I could downgrade it to the oldest android version it had when I bought it. We have to move to Motorola, Nexus, HTC or whatever other phones, but Samsung SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Xilay Bio

      08/11/2014 at 1:34 am

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