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GBM’s Favorite Android Apps This Week [Feb 12 – 18]

Our editors are all about the to-do lists and Sudoku this week, among other sweet apps. Check out this week’s picks for Android phones, tablets and the Kindle Fire.



Android Apps of the Week

Andoku Sudoku 2 — Free [Market, [amazon_link id=”B005KC664W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Kindle[/amazon_link]]

Andoku Sudoku 2 Free

I love Sudoku and this simple version lets you play a quick game with an easy to learn and use interface. You won’t have to kill yourself on the Easy level but if you like brain pain the harder levels will do.

Kevin Purcell

Juice Defender — Free [Market, [amazon_link id=”B004W4IMUK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Kindle[/amazon_link]]


With smart phones these days, battery life can become precious. I am running this on my Galaxy Nexus and I find that it’s helping my battery life by shutting off services I don’t need all the time. I recommend this bumping up to the paid version too.

Chris Leckness

ReadIt – Free


Since I joined Readability after downloadng Longform last week I decided to hunt down a good Readability client for Android. ReadIt is my favorite so far. The app connects to your account and automatically downloads whatever you add, be it via your desktop browser or another app. ReadIt stores articles for offline reading by default. I like that you can view the web version of an article or just a simple text rendering with no ads. In text mode users can customize font size, margins, and color theme. The biggest drawback is that adding articles to Readability from the app isn’t smooth and the sharing from a browser feature doesn’t work (the dev promises a fix soon). But as a reading app it’s great.

K. T. Bradford

Staples — Free


If you shop at Staples this free app will let you look up deals and use coupons in store. I picked this app as a top pick o the week because you can log into your Staples Rewards account and redeem your rewards in store on your phone. This handy feature helped me find out I had $26 in rewards and let me use them without printing, so I could buy a printer.

Josh Smith

Taskos To Do List — Free [Market, [amazon_link id=”B0056HR43S” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Kindle[/amazon_link]]


It doesn’t have the prettiest widget out there, but it’s very handy. Taskos allows me to manage my Google Tasks easily on my phone. I use  Google Tasks all the time to manage my to do lists. Without it, I wouldn’t remember to do anything.

Chris Leckness



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