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Android Apps to Run on Windows RT With BlueStacks?



It looks like for those who are complaining about the dearth of apps available for the Windows RT, one hopeful solution would be BlueStacks, which may create an engine to allow Android apps to run on Microsoft’s tablet platform. According to a comment on the company’s form by employee Deepak Sharma, it looks like the company ‘is considering offering BlueStacks for Windows R/T next year.’


The news of a proposed solution for Android on Windows RT was reported by Microsoft-News

Currently, BlueStacks is available in alpha for Apple’s Mac OS X and as a beta for Windows that allows Android apps to run on those platforms. If BlueStacks is successful in porting its engine, and gaining Microsoft’s approval, it would open up Microsoft’s Windows RT ecosystem to be able to run any one of the over 700,000 app titles available for Android. This would definitely open up the Windows RT platform.

However, given Microsoft’s tight control over Windows RT and the Marketplace–the model is similar to how Apple manages the App Store for iOS, it’s highly doubtful that BlueStacks may be able to gain entry into Windows RT’s Marketplace. Without being able to enter the Marketplace, consumers cannot buy or download BlueStacks.

In addition to Windows RT, Research in Motion is also allowing select Android apps to run on its tablet platform thanks to support on the BlackBerry Tablet OS on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.



  1. Aplicativos Para Android

    12/04/2012 at 10:50 am

    I am sure hackers will find a way to install BlueStacks on Windows RT. Microsoft will have to build a competitive marketplace asap in order to minimize the need of BlueStacks.

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    12/07/2012 at 1:58 am

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