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Android Google Maps Updated with Better Latitude, Hotpot Integration



Google Maps for Android has been updated, bringing the version number to 5.3, which delivers better social network integration for the Google-branded Google Places Hotpot and Google Latitude.

With the new version of Google Maps, users can now view their location history. Also, users can set a home location where they can save the location and check into “home” therafter.

Now that you can see how much time you spend at “home”, you might want to let friends know when you’re there. Checking in at places using Latitude is another way to keep a history of places you’ve been and also lets you share when you’re there. I love letting friends and family know when I’m at a cafe or park, but sometimes I want them to know that I’m relaxing at home or made it back safely from a road trip. So now, I can start checking in at “home” in Latitude.

With Hotpots, which is Google’s businesses and restaurant reviews to take on Yelp, Google is allowing users to now rate various aspects of a place, down to the decor, ambiance, or other user-defined characteristics. The Google-made, crowd-sourced edition of the ‘Zagat guide’ known as Hotpots will allow visitors to know why you gave the rating you did–if it’s a great place, but got a less than great rating due to bad customer service, future patrons will understand as you can now rate various aspects to a place.

When you’re rating places on the go in Maps using Google Places with Hotpot, you could always quickly leave feedback on a specific aspect or characteristic of a place, such as the food or ambiance. Before, we’d automatically include aspects about places that were commonly mentioned in reviews. Now, you can add your own aspects for each place. So if you think a place has a beautiful view or great music, you can add it yourself and quickly share it with the world.

Via: Google Mobile Blog


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