Android Market Now Featuring Google TV Apps?
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Android Market Now Featuring Google TV Apps?



It looks like Android app developers are now submitting and getting their Google TV-compatible apps onto Google’s own Android Market app store. Back at Google I/O this year, the Android OS-maker had promised to migrate Google TV to the Honeycomb platform, it looks like cross-platform compatible apps may be hitting tablets, phones, and TVs in the near future.

One such app is an unofficial YouTube video viewer created by a third-party. According to Phandroid, the description for the viewer reads: “suited for Android 2.2 and up tablets and Android TV’s,” though we’re all assuming that the developer means Google TV when referring to Android TV.

So far, there has been lackluster sales behind various Google TV units made by third-party hardware vendors, leading to steep price cuts, effectively reducing the Logitech Revue box to $99. It’s unclear if the potential of additional apps and games can drive sales of Google TV upward as Google makes a bid in the living room.

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