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Android Remote Check Deposit Apps



These days more and more payments are all done on mobile, and the use of physical paper checks is on the decline. That being said, paper checks still serve a big purpose these days, and here we want to round up a list of mobile apps that allow for automatic mobile or remote check deposits on Android.

Our lives are becoming more digital as each year passes, but most likely there are still a few occasions a year you receive good old-fashioned paper checks, a Landlord that gets checks, or those familiar $5 checks from grandparents during the holiday season.

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With all of the above in mind checks are still something we receive on occasion, which is why we’ve gathered a list of some of the most popular mobile apps for Android that will allow you to instantly deposit checks on the go all from your smartphone or tablet just by using the banks app and your device camera. It’s extremely easy, but you’ll want to make sure its a dedicated app from your bank.


If you’ve never used a remote deposit app, don’t worry, as it’s extremely easy to do. Simply sign in to your banking app of choice and if they support the option you’ll simply take pictures of the front and back of your check, hit deposit, and you’re all done. It really is that easy.

I find myself showing this to friends or family all the time, even though it’s nearly 2015, and the technology has been around for years and years.

It’s hard to make a list with so many regional banks or credit unions around the United States, so below we’ve rounded up some of the most popular banks in the United States, or most popular apps from the Google Play Store that supports this feature for Android users.

Remote Deposit Apps for Android

Chase Bank – The Chase Mobile app allows you to deposit checks with almost any Android device. The app and service are free and the service is available to most Chase customers. There is also a version for Small Business owners.


Bank of America – Bank of America was one of the first major banks to add this feature for Android users, and they’ve continued to update the app with a better design and more features. Their app is free, of course, and you can do a lot more than just deposit checks.

Wells Fargo – The Wells Fargo app also supports mobile check deposits, and some recent app updates this month has delivered improvements to the system as a whole, made it easier, and brought support for Android 5.0 devices. The app doesn’t mention tablet support, but it should work for all Android 2.3 and above devices.

US Bank – The US Bank App has been updated plenty to add new features, including mobile remote check deposit, and it has a pretty good user interface too. It’s up to date, and works great, unlike the Wells Fargo app that’s badly in need of a redesign.

USAA Bank – USAA Bank was among the first for iPhone support, and also one of the first to add remote check deposits to Android as well. Get the app here, and enjoy many of the features they have to offer. Most banks offer this to all customers, but USAA requires users to be part of the USAA’s [email protected] program. Some banks may add additional fee’s for such a feature.

Discover – Discover Card has one of the better apps for Android, and like everyone else, also supports this feature for all customers. Along with tons of other useful features like reporting lost or stolen cards, and much more.

Charles Schwab – The Schwab Mobile app is useful for many different things and managing your different accounts or investments, as well as depositing checks in minutes.


PNC Bank – The PNC Mobile App delivers an array of features all completely free for all PNC Online banking customers, including check deposit. They even have an additional Virtual Wallet App with additional options.

State Farm – In addition to a vast selection of insurance features and options, those enrolled in MyTime Deposit with State Farm can use their Pocket Agent app for deposits as well.

We could go on and on here. It’s nearly 2015, and most likely if you’re using a relatively large bank or credit union for your bills or finances, they support this feature. Everyone from CITI Bank, Capital One, SunTrust, HSBC, Ally Bank, Eastern Bank, Mountain America and tons of Credit Unions around the United States.

How Does it Work?

It’s extremely easy to use your Android smartphone or tablet to make deposits while on the go. As long as the app supports the feature you simply sign the check, then use your Android devices camera to take a clear photo of the front and back. Enter the amount, and tap deposit. The app will ensure the photo is clear enough to be used, and you’ll usually get the funds right away, or within 24-48 hours.

This a free service for almost all banks and apps available, but some do require a certain type of banking account to be eligible. It’s worth noting that you should always hold on to the check for 1-2 weeks in case of a problem or it gets denied, but I’ve never had that happen in the three+ years I’ve used the feature.



  1. Tim Warner

    12/17/2014 at 5:48 am

    Another bank that accepts mobile deposits quite well is TD Bank. I use it all the time and works very well.

  2. Alden

    12/18/2014 at 3:03 am

    PayPal does not have check deposit through their app.

  3. Daniel

    12/18/2014 at 3:54 pm

    Paypal removed check deposits months ago.

  4. Tim

    12/20/2014 at 10:26 am

    PayPal does not have check deposit. Please update your information. It was a huge waste of time to find out that your information was wrong.

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