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Android Wear iPhone App Could Save Moto 360



Android Wear smartwatches currently only work with Android devices, but a new report suggests that iOS support could be arriving in the near future.

According to French website, Google is working on an Android Wear app that will work on iPhone and iPad, which will naturally bring support for Android Wear over to iOS devices.

The report says that Google could release an Android Wear iPhone app during its Google I/O conference in May, but it could also play it by ear depending how well initial sales are for the Apple Watch. Google could want to target an Android Wear iPhone app to those iOS users who didn’t initially buy an Apple Watch, either because of the price, or because of the features.

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The Apple Watch will start at $350 when it eventually releases at some point in April, but numerous Android Wear smartwatches are priced well below that, which means that there could be many iOS users out there who wish that a cheaper smartwatch will work with the iPhone and iPad.

Furthermore, Android Wear smartwatches haven’t been selling too well, so expanding support to iOS will increase Google’s market for Android Wear, and could increase sales with iPhone and iPad users in the mix, considering the popularity of iOS devices.

Android Wear support on iOS isn’t anything far-fetched, and it’s certainly possible, as one user connected his Moto 360 smartwatch to his iPhone using the ANCS protocol, which is the same process used by the Pebble Watch to connect to the iPhone.

This is more of an interesting proof-of-concept at the very least, but it could provide us with hints on how Google plans to implement Android Wear support for the iPhone and iPad.

However, the Apple Watch will be the supreme wearable to get if you’re an iOS user, as it will have full compatibility and come with exclusive features that an Android Wear/iPhone relationship most likely wouldn’t be able to achieve.

The company announced the Apple Watch back in September at its iPhone 6 event, and it didn’t provide every single detail about the new wearable, which is why March 9 will be the day that Apple will most likely provide more details about the wearable before its official release date hits, which will be at some point in April.

During the event, we expect Apple to provide more details about the price of the Apple Watch, because right now we only know the starting price of $350 for the entry-level model. The price of the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition is unknown, although the Edition could cost several thousands of dollars, as the gold alone could cost Apple around $1,000 per watch.

We could also hear about battery life on March 9, which has been a mystery all these months. Tim Cook says that users will probably need to charge the device every day based on how much you’ll use it, but newer leaked reports suggest that you could get a couple of days out of the battery life with light use.

Still, this is about the same crappy battery life that most other smartwatches on the market are currently getting, and it seems that it’ll be difficult to go a full 24 hours without recharging the Apple Watch.

However, Cook did a great job at spinning bad battery life into a positive when he said that “you’re going to wind up charging it daily” because you’ll use it so much. By this, Cook means that you’ll love using the Apple Watch so much that you’ll end up using it a lot, and because of that, the battery will drain quicker.

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1 Comment

  1. joh

    03/20/2015 at 7:18 am

    I am buying it as soon as it runs on iphone

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