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Angry Birds Space Now The Fastest Growing Mobile Game



Angry Birds Space is now the fastest growing mobile game for Rovio, breaking all of the company’s previous records.

According to Rovio, users downloaded Angry Birds Space more than 50 million times in the 35 days since its release. Those numbers are total downloads between iOS, Android, and even BlackBerry. On mobile devices the game ranges from free with ads on Android to $2.99 for the iPad and the BlackBerry versions.

Angry Birds Space saw 10 million downloads in the first three days and 20 million times in the first week. The download rate slowed after the initial launch, but it’s still enough to break records.

Angry Birds Space Now The Fastest Growing Mobile Game

Rovio recently released a free level pack for Angry Birds Space, adding ten extra levels to the game for free. The Finnish developer promises that more updates are on the way. Rovio won’t mention any specifics, but says that it has “plenty more surprises in stock.” There’s even a hint that “something even bigger is on its way.”

While Angry Birds is the fastest growing mobile game, it isn’t necessarily the fastest selling mobile game. The free Android version of the game shows at least 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, which is a significant portion of the total downloads. Technically players who chose the free Android version didn’t buy the game, preventing Rovio from claiming to have the fastest-selling mobile game.

Angry Birds Space is also coming to Windows Phone 7 sometime in the future, which will undoubtedly lead to an increase in sales. We don’t know when Windows Phone users will get to play the latest version of Angry Birds, we only know that Rovio is working to bring the game to the platform.


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