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Another HTC Windows Phone 7 Device Spotted at FCC



Another HTC-made Windows Phone 7 device with AT&T compatible 3G bands has been spotted at the FCC for approval, leading some to speculate whether the potential addition could be an AT&T variant of the HTC HD7, which is currently found on T-Mobile USA in the U.S. market, or a GSM variant of the HTC Pro 7, which utilizes a tilt-sliding mechanism to reveal a keyboard in landscape orientation.

Not much information is known about the device, which bears the model number PD29130.

HTC Pro 7

GSM version of HTC Pro 7 a possibility

The HTC HD7 has been a popular device as it has one of the largest screens of the new Windows Phone 7 devices. With a 4.3-inch display, the device’s larger screen will make it easy to browse the web and consume content, such as e-books. On the other hand the HTC Pro 7 is more geared at the enterprise space with its capacious keyboard, making it easy to edit and create Word documents and manipulate Excel spreadsheets, along with the added benefit of messaging in emails and text messages. The HTC Pro 7 is said to be destined for U.S. carrier Sprint as a CDMA model in 2011.

As shown, HTC HD7

Again, these are just speculations on what the PD29130 can be. Also, just because a phone is certified by the FCC with AT&T-compatible bands doesn’t guarantee a release by the U.S. carrier. If it does, this will be HTC’s second Windows Phone 7 device on AT&T and will appear alongside the HTC Surround, a device with a landscape-oriented sliding speaker.

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  1. Matthew Flemming

    12/06/2010 at 5:57 pm

    Are those just simulated tiles in the HD7 photo or can we get those for our phone?

    • Matt Reid

      12/07/2010 at 6:30 am

      it was a concept HTC layout and phone based HTC HD3 before it was released as the HTC HD 7. It does not exist and that tile layout cannot be obtatined.

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