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Apple Airs New iPhone 5c Ad, Full Keynote Available on YouTube



Apple is going primetime, as it aired a new iPhone 5c ad during the Emmy award ceremony last night. The new commercial is identical to the ad that the company played during its September 10 media event, but it’s a bit shorter and adds a few new scenes to make a little snappier and fast-paced. So far, this is the third iPhone 5c ad that Apple has aired.

As for the iPhone 5s, Apple’s flagship iPhone, the company has yet to promote it on television. It seems that Apple is treating the iPhone 5c as its flagship product of sorts, and it kind of is, seeing as how the company is giving the new device the most attention. It’s been advertising the iPhone 5c heavily on its website, and it has already aired three ads, compared to zero ads with the iPhone 5s

This is probably because Apple is aiming the iPhone 5c at a broader audience, with the color options being the big feature on the new phone. Apple is hoping to cater to a majority of customers with the 5c, while reserving the iPhone 5s for folks who want the best of the best.

Below is the extended cut of last night’s iPhone 5c ad, which is about a minute long. The version that aired last night during the Emmy awards ran for around 30 seconds.

The main point of the ad is that Apple wants to show viewers that the iPhone 5c is for everyone, no matter what country you live in or what your interests and hobbies are. The company wants to show folks that the iPhone 5c is a simplistic device that anyone will love, and they’re hoping that kind of attitude will boost sales for the new device.

Technically, the iPhone 5c is a year-old phone, since it includes almost the same internals as the iPhone 5, but it includes a slightly better camera and the obvious plastic outer shell that comes in a selection of bright colors, so while consumers will essentially be buying year-old technology, Apple is giving it new life with a new look.

On a slightly-related note, Apple also uploaded the September 10 iPhone event to YouTube, so if you missed out on the announcement or just want to relive it, you can do that now.

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