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Apple Black Friday 2019 Ad & Deals: 7 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



Expect iTunes Gift Card Black Friday Deals

Expect iTunes Gift Card Black Friday Deals

Do you need to stock up on iTunes and App Store Gift Cards to buy movies, apps, and music? If so, you should look for deals during Black Friday 2019 at retailers. 

You can expect to see some $100 Gift Cards for $80 or $85. We may see Best Buy and membership programs at Costco and Sam's Club offer similar. 

We're already seeing Buy One Get One 30% off App Store Gift Cards from Target. Expect to see a deal on these at Walmart. 

We love these deals because we can then use them to buy movies that are on sale and double up the savings. You can also use them to pay for subscriptions in iTunes. 

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