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Apple iPad mini with Retina Display Shipping Date Moved Up



First, Amazon pushed up the shipping date on the Microsoft Xbox One from next January to the Day One launch of November 22nd. Now Apple has pulled a similar move: it advanced the Apple Pad mini with Retina Display that I ordered from Nov. 26-Dec. 5 to Nov. 21 or Nov. 19 (depending on whether the Apple email or the FedEx tracking site proves correct). This brings the date closer to the shipping date of those who got their orders in early after the new iPad mini suddenly showed up ready for order earlier this week.

Apple didn’t seem to make enough of the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display to handle the early demand when they quietly put it on their website. Most people who ordered on Tuesday morning saw estimated shipping times of two to three weeks out. However, a few days later the shipping dates for some buyers moved up a few days to a week. One person who ordered one about 7:00 a.m. EST received a shipping date of Nov. 20. I got my order in after 8:00 just over an hour later and Apple quoted an estimated shipping date of Nov. 25 to Dec. 2. Yesterday they charged the credit card used to place my order and sent out a shipping notification with FedEx tracking information (see below). When I asked to have FedEx hold the package at the facility, I got a phone call from our local FedEx facility ten minutes after submitting the request saying they’d hold it and it would show up tomorrow after 9:00 a.m.. Hopefully, she’s right, even though tracking info says it is currently in Hong King.

apple shipping notification ipad mini retina

When we learned that Apple suddenly began to offer in-store pickup for orders placed online, I tried to cancel my order and make the 60 minute drive to the Charlotte, NC Apple Store. That’s when it became clear the order was shipping sooner because Apple wouldn’t cancel the order. The order tracking site stated that Apple began to prep the iPad for shipping nearly two weeks ahead of the original earliest estimated deliver date.

fedex tracking site

Tips for Receiving Delivery Conveniently

Notice in the email above Apple offers two blue buttons, one for tracking the order and the other for pre-signing for the shipment. Here’s a tip for those not able to sit around and wait for the shipment at home. Get the tracking number and once it gets a day or two away, contact the local FedEx shipping location and ask them to put a hold on the iPad. Even easier, click on the Track Shipment button in the Apple notification email and then click on the button on the FedEx site labeled Custom Delivery. The pop up window offers some options like schedule delivery or hold at facility. I choose to hold it at the FedEx facility so I can pick it up when it the FedEx store opens instead of waiting till FedEx gets to my house at some indeterminate time.

Alternatively, choose to sign for the delivery by clicking on Pre-sign for Delivery and then click the button labelled the same on Apple’s site. Follow steps on their site to sign before the delivery date. They will leave it at the door instead of asking the recipient to sign for the package.

Of the two options above, the first offers more security while the second option works for those needing an easy delivery procedure and don’t worry about people stealing their package.

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