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Apple Now Going After the Motorola Xoom



Just yesterday, we learned that Apple had won a ruling in Germany that halted the sale of Samsung’s latest and greatest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, in the European Union. How were they able to do this? By accusing Samsung of infringing on their intellectual property.

In Apple’s eyes, Samsung has ripped off the iPad 2 and apparently there was enough evidence for a German judge to issue a preliminary injunction preventing the Galaxy Tab’s launch.

Motorola Xoom

Today, Apple is back at it again as it, according to a report from Foss Patents, has filed a complaint against Motorola in Europe over the design of the Motorola Xoom. Apple and Motorola have been in disputes over patents for quite some time now so it’s not surprising to see Apple taking another swipe at its competitor.

It’s unclear whether or not Apple will win the same type of injunction that they received with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 lawsuit but if they do, that would obviously be a huge blow for Motorola and quite frankly, Android tablets in general.


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