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Apple Now Selling Lightning to VGA, Lightning to HDMI & Camera Cables



Today Apple announced two new iPads with Lightning ports and a few new Lightning cable adapters to go along with the iPad Mini and the iPad 4th generation.

To help photographers Apple introduced two new cables. One cable connects the Lightning port to a USB port so users can connect a camera to their iPad or iPad MIni. The second cable connects the Lightning port to an SD card reader so users can plug-in an SD card to import photos and videos.

Apple also announced two new Lightning cables for video output. One cable is the Lightning to VGA adapter which will connect the iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone 5 to most projectors.

Lightning to VGA adapter

The Lightning to VGA adapter ship sin 2-3 weeks.

The Lightning to Digital AV cable is a Lightning to HDMI adapter designed to output video to HDTVs. Both of these cables ship in 2-3 weeks and start at 49.

With the fourth generation iPad Apple now has a Lightning port in every modern iOS device. Despite the lineup Apple remains the only company that makes Lightning cables and accessories. Apple only makes about half a dozen accessories, most of which are adapters.

Lightning to HDMI adapter

Connect to an HDTV with the Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Apple will hold a Made for iPhone seminar in early November where it will talk to third-party manufacturers about making accessories for the new Lightning port. Manufacturers can start making third-party Lightning accessories after that meeting, but only a few are likely to arrive in stores by this holiday.

Some unauthorized accessories will likely go on sale sooner thanks to the hackers who cracked the authentication chips Apple uses in Lightning cables. These accessories won’t make it into Apple Stores, but will likely find their way to other websites sometime in the next few weeks.

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1 Comment

  1. John

    10/23/2012 at 12:00 pm

    When can I get the vga adapter?

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