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Apple Thanksgiving Day Challenge: Turkey Trot 5K Apple Watch Special



There’s another reason to join a Turkey Trot and run a Thanksgiving Day 5K while wearing your Apple Watch. There is a new Activity Challenge for the Apple Watch that unlocks a special iMessage sticker.

You need to run or walk a 5K, that is 3.1 miles, on Thanksgiving Day using the Workout App or an app that connects to the Health app.

Make sure that you turn on the workout app, otherwise this will not count. You may be able to unlock this while running around your kitchen to prepare the meals, but the watch will be measuring distance, not just the workout you get while cooking. You can also turn this on while you shop Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day deals to unlock it.

Earn a special Activity Challenge medal and an iMessage sticker when you run a 5k on Thanksgiving Day.

Earn a special Activity Challenge medal and an iMessage sticker when you run a 5k on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day 5K runs and walks are increasingly common with turkey themed events that are often advertised as a Turkey Trot.

This is the first time we’ve seen Apple offer up a special contextual Activity Award on the Apple Watch. Most of the awards are based on streaks and personal records. Currently this is only available for users in the U.S.

Once you complete the Thanksgiving Day Activity Challenge you will unlock a sticker in the iMessage app that you can send to others. They don’t need to complete this to unlock it, so you can taunt, or motivate, your friends.

In the iPhone Activity app you see a full description of the Apple Watch Activity Challenge that reads;

Earn this special achievement on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th when you complete a walk, run or wheelchair workout of at least 5k (3.1mi) in the Apple Watch Workout app, or any app that records these workouts into the iPhone Health app. You’ll also earn a special Messages app sticker!

The wording of this makes it sound like you could use an iPhone app to track your run and unlock this as long as it feeds the workout length into the iPhone Health app, but that isn’t totally clear.

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