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Apple To Start iPhone 5 Pre-orders on September 12



Apple could offer iPhone 5 pre-orders the same day it announces the new iPhone.

According to iMore, Apple is planning to start pre-orders for the new iPhone on September 12, the same day it’s rumored to launch to smartphone. The phone will come to market just nine days later, on September 21, just as we’ve heard before.

The second wave or releases in other countries will come on October 4, about three weeks after the initial announcement.

Apple might announced the iPad Mini on the same day, but we don’t know when it will release the 7.85-inch tablet, though November is rumored.

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If this rumor holds true pre-orders might work just like they did with the new iPad earlier this year. Apple put the Retina Display iPad up for pre-order shortly after it announced the tablet on stage. That led to some server problems as many people tried to pre-order the device at once, but the same happens with any major new Apple device.

Last year Apple announced the iPhone 4S on October 4, but didn’t open pre-orders until three days later on October 7. It sounds like the Cupertino-based company doesn’t want to wait this year, it wants users to pre-order the device as soon as possible. If the iPhone 5 launch is as big as some believe it will be, immediate pre-orders are probably a good idea.

The new iPhone will likely have a taller 4-inch display with a 640×1136 resolution. It features a two-tone design made of what we assume is aluminum and glass on the back. A recently leaked logic board points to possible 4G LTE, but the battery probably isn’t much bigger than the battery in the iPhone 4S. The new device will also have a new, smaller dock connector that will break compatibility with current iPhone accessories.

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