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5 Apple Watch Alternatives for Android Users



Pebble Time Steel

Pebble Time Steel

The Pebble is one of the first companies to truly have a popular smartwatch, but it doesn't run Android Wear. First starting out as a small project for notifications, it's turned into something major. The new Pebble Time Steel isn't available just yet, but is on Kickstarter and will be one of the best non Android Wear alternatives to the Apple Watch.

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The Pebble Time is $250, doesn't have a touchscreen like the Apple Watch or Android Wear, but still has plenty to offer. It comes in silver, black, or gold in a stainless steel design, and features a new set of three side buttons that moves users through past, present and future notifications. The idea is to organize around time as opposed to scrolling or searching for apps. Like Android and Apple are offering.

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