Apps on SD in the works for Android

Joel Evans at The Mobile Gadgeteer (who, in comic book parlance, might be called the “Silver Age” Mobile Gadgeteer) has uncovered that the ability to store apps on an SD card has been given “FutureRelease” status at the Android factory.

The urgency to deal with Issue 1151 “RFE: Support install of apps on SD cards” has increased steadily since the initial call on 10/30/2008 and for good reason. Onboard storage on early Android devices has been limited, insufficient for upgrades in some cases, forcing some users to delete apps to make room for new ones. A solution to the problem, called Apps2SD, already exists, but it is not without compromise and complication. The upcoming native solution will be integrated into the platform, so it should be more widely usable.

Truthfully, I’m surprised this wasn’t a priority in the earlier releases. Openness and third-party support are part of the platform’s big draws. The hard limit on app storage detracts from that, but a fix is now on the list.