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Appsplit is a Kickstarter For Apps



We’ve featured a lot of Kickstarter projects on GottaBeMobile, though most are accessories for devices. There are some apps on Kickstarter, but users are more likely to find special phone or tablet cases and accessories on the website. Appsplit makes it easier to find apps to fund because it only hosts app projects.

Appsplit works similarly to Kickstarter, with a few exceptions. For standard funding projects, project owners on Appsplit can hold an “open” or “all or none” campaign. “All or none” campaigns works like the standard Kickstarter project, funds only transfer from the backer to the project team if the campaign is fully funded by the end. In “open” campaigns, however, the money transfers to the project team immediately with no waiting period.

There are two other types of campaigns: sell and develop. In a “sell” campaign, the project owners can sell partial or full ownership of their apps. Selling the app is almost like raising money from investors, but without actually going to angel investors or venture capitalists.

Appsplit views “develop” campaigns as “somewhat of an idea incubator.” Project owners post their idea for an app and hope to raise money to make it, in exchange for partial ownership.

Thanks to the many campaign types, Appsplit is able to claim any “open” campaign as a successful one. Currently the site lists only one project as successful.

There aren’t many projects on Appsplit, only 17 total in our count. That includes all open and closed campaigns. There is a chance that the site will grow and attract more apps, however.

The sell and develop campaigns sound interesting, but we’d like to see more interesting apps before we’d consider backing any of them.

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