Asus Announces SnapDragon Smartbook Running Android

JKK, from is at Computex 2009, where Asus showed off its newest EEE PC. Unlike the rest of the EEE line of netbooks that are constrained by restrictions placed on the devices by Microsoft, the Snapdragon smartbook is running an expanded version of the Android OS and has an 11.6” screen. The device runs without a fan thanks to Smartdragon’s extremely low power consumption, allowing for longer run times. JKK shot a video of the device and explains how the Qualcomm ARM processor allows for constant-on, constant-connectivity to wireless networks.



With the restrictions to hardware that Microsoft and Intel have placed on future netbooks, I can see how this evolutionary device can either make MS and Intel change their tune or be such a game changer that it will steal precious market share from the Big Two.

Via JKKMobile