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AT&T Admits It Goofed: Will Refund Customers for Spotty 3G Coverage



An AT&T spokesman today sheepishly admitted that the communications giant is admitting that it completely missed the boat with its 3G coverage and will begin offering customers refunds. Here’s an excerpt of the statement::

““We thought our existing network could handle the traffic, but obviously our expectations were wrong. We also believed we would be able to continue to upgrade the network sooner than we were able to. Users in the United States have been forced to suffer poor service in a number of localities and in some areas where we promised an upgrade from EDGE to 3G we just haven’t been able to deliver. While some of this can be attributed to higher than expected adoption of the iPhone 3G, the fault is solely ours. Our customers should expect to receive the service as we advertise it and we believe we have not lived up to that expectation.

Therefore we will be offering refunds to our customers beginning April 1. Customers will see these refunds appear on their next bill and will not have to do anything in order to receive them.”

Speaking further the spokesman said:

We have absolutely no idea when we are actually going to be able to deliver 3G broadband in a way that will be satisfactory to our customers demands.


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