AT&T HTC One Pre-Orders to Start Soon
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AT&T HTC One Pre-Orders to Start Soon



It looks like one of the biggest smartphone mysteries of 2013 will soon be solved as it appears as though the AT&T HTC One will go up for pre-order this week with the 32GB HTC One starting at $250, the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Last month, HTC announced the new HTC One, a device that has been rumored for Verizon but is officially coming to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. None of the official carriers have announced any details other than AT&T’s confirmation that it would exclusively be carrying the 64GB HTC One. Now though, thanks to a leak, it appears that some details have emerged ahead of an announcement.

The AT&T HTC One will evidently go up for pre-order this week.

The AT&T HTC One will evidently go up for pre-order this week.

Engadget unearthed a piece of internal information that seems to point to an AT&T HTC One pre-order starting as soon as April 4th. Evidently, retail channels will accept pre-orders starting on April 5th but that April 4th is a distinct possibility as well. It also appears that the documents have confirmed just how much AT&T plans to charge for the device.

Earlier today, we saw a Radio Shack sign that supposedly outed the AT&T and Sprint pricing at $199.99. However, it appears that that may have just been for the Sprint HTC One or it may be exclusive Radio Shack pricing as the AT&T HTC One appears destined for a $250 price tag at AT&T. The 32GB will apparently command that price while the exclusive 64GB model will be $300 on-contract.

Information suggests that AT&T will offer it as soon as April 4th.

Information suggests that AT&T will offer it as soon as April 4th.

This pricing is in the realm of AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S4 pricing which was revealed to be $250 last month. If true, this means that the carrier will be asking for $50 more on-contract than is typically asked from consumers. The usual on-contract pricing for devices has been $199.99, following the pricing for the iPhone.

AT&T still hasn’t confirmed any of this but it appears to be the real deal and thus, looks like the AT&T HTC One, at least, will start at $250 and be up for order this week.

Information regarding the Sprint and T-Mobile release dates remains unknown and we aren’t sure if AT&T will acknowledge a specific release date when it announces the pre-order.

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