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AT&T Nabs Exclusivity with Sony S2 Android Tablet



Sony has announced that its S2 dual-screen Android tablet will be arriving in the U.S. complete with 3G/4G HSPA+ support–sorry, no LTE–for AT&T’s network. Aside from that, neither Sony nor AT&T are yet commenting on specific pricing nor exact availability for the S2 tablet at this time.

With an AT&T exclusivity, a mobile broadband-enabled version of the tablet will not be hitting rival carriers in the U.S., though Sony may still release WiFi-only versions of the S2 tablet for use outside of AT&T.

Additionally, Sony also has an S1 tablet that will be coming soon. So far, it’s unclear if the S1 will also be launched with AT&T, either as an exclusive or as a tablet offering in the carrier’s lineup. In the past, a version of the S1 tablet that’s compatible with AT&T’s wireless network was seen passing through the FCC for U.S. regulatory approval, but obtaining approval from the government does not necessarily guarantee a launch. The Sony S1 tablet is anticipated to launch in the UK in September.

The tablet names can and probably will change once these devices hit the market as Sony had warned that these are just codenames used at this time.

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1 Comment

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