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9 Batman Arkham Knight Tips to Level Up Faster



This guide will give you all the Batman Arkham Knight tips that you need to level up faster, unlock better gadgets, Batsuit upgrades, combat skills and Batmobile powers that can help you take out the Arkham Knight, other enemies and have more fun while playing the new Batman game.

While you play, your character will level up, but if you focus on specific areas these Batman Arkham Knight tips will help you level up faster and smarter so that you aren’t left without the skills you need to beat an enemy.

Our Batman Arkham Knight tricks and tips will focus on the PS4 and Xbox One, as the PC version is no longer available. You don’t need to follow every tip in this guide, but it will at the very least help you get started on which skills to upgrade and how to go about earning more WayneTech Points faster.

The essential Batman Arkham Knight tips to level up faster.

The essential Batman Arkham Knight tips to level up faster.

Unlike some games, when you level up faster in Batman Arkham Knight you won’t be playing against better players online. The biggest focus here is to unlock all of the cool Batman gadgets and upgrades that will allow you to fly around Gotham faster and beat the bad guys easier. Even as you level up, the thugs and villains you encounter are still a challenge.

Here are the essential Batman Arkham Knight tips to level up faster and tricks to earn skill points quicker.

Redeem Any Bonus Items

Check to make sure you redeemed any free upgrades that came with your copy of Arkham Knight.

Check to make sure you redeemed any free upgrades that came with your copy of Arkham Knight.

If you pre-ordered Batman Arkham Knight you likely got a digital upgrade, and you may also get this with later orders. There is a code on your receipt or in your email form the place you purchased the game that should deliver several skills free of charge.

Best Buy included a WayneTech Booster Pack that includes an Explosive Gel takedown, Aerieal Juggle, Batarangs while gliding and a Batmobile firepower upgrade. This will help you in several early missions. If you forgot to redeem this you can do it now and any skills you purchased will remain active, but you will get a refund on the WayneTech points so that you can upgrade something else.

Stick to the Story

For the first part of the game you should stick to the main story instead of taking out the random bad guys that you hear as you move throughout the city. You want to make your way towards the Ace Chemicals plant so that you can earn a collection of upgrades. This will also progress the story and help you earn upgrades from Lucius Fox that will arrive from the Batwing.

The videos above will help you walk through the first part of the Batman Arkham Knight story that will deliver a Batmobile upgrade and a new Batsuit without spending any of your WyaneTech points.

Play AR Challenges to Level Up Faster

There are a number of AR Challenges throughout Gotham. You can unlock some of these by playing the story, and others will appear on the map and are easy to unlock by completing small in game challenges like ejecting from the Batmobile and flying for 300 meters or diving off the edge of a building.

In these simulations you can learn how to use your skills and you will also earn a variety of WayneTech Points that will help you upgrade your skills and unlock Batman’s gadgets. While we do recommend playing the story, after you get past Ace Chemicals it is also a good idea to spend some time playing through AR Challenges to earn points that will help you upgrade your character faster.

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  1. seburo

    06/29/2015 at 12:36 am

    Thanks! :)

  2. Tyler Baker

    07/06/2015 at 6:26 pm

    can you get them without those stupid ar challenges?

  3. WarMetalGreyMon

    09/10/2016 at 4:45 pm

    actually I have found a way to grind for xp in Batman Arkham Knight what you do is this (this will be a simple version there will be more detailed one on the batman arkham knight wikia

    find a fireman in need of rescue. Initiate a fear takedown. engage in freeflow then grapnel away. find a rioter and get the snot out of him. (more is better) and you will gain XP for the encounter. then get far enough away to make the Fireman rescue thugs to reset and start again.

    the location I used was the fireman group on Bleake Island, by penguins safehouse with the two sentry guns, by the bridge, near GCPD. and just glide on the tightrope above and then use the fear takedown.

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